by Marian Wasilewski

On the occasion of the publication three years ago of an article of mine in the Polish monthly Nieznany Świat (Unknown World), a short affirmation was published as well. The latter is a synthetic summary of the results of my many years of searching for the truth.

May I repeat it in its entirety herein:

I am in my seventies by now and want to share a gift I found during the last three decades of my life. It is the gift of Purpose, without which life is difficult. People sometimes ask themselves:

Who am I and where am I going?

Dear Friend, once in a while please think calmly about every word of this Affirmation, especially if things are not going well for you.

An Affirmation of Higher Self

My Protector, Guide, and Teacher. You help me live according to my will. If necessary, you direct my life. You are with me even though you are in another time and space. I trust you and love you, since we are One. My intuition is opening the door to the truth. I am happy with life, the world’s beauty, and my good health. I have a sense of humor. I take car of my body. I watch what I eat and maintain the proper weight and condition. I have stopped smoking and limited my use of stimulants, although I do not avoid them altogether. I value family life. I balance the consumer principle and the creative principle. It does not take much to meet our material needs. To the extent possible, I constantly repair any negative results of my activities (after all, it is hard to live with integrity upon this earth) but avoid brooding about them. My heart is at peace. I envelop all life and existence with a warm and friendly feeling. I feel connected to my surroundings. I perceive what others are going through. I rejoice in their success and lend assistance if I can and if it is needed, but I do not cross their will - unless of course they are obviously committing a wrong. After all, free will is the basis of a stable existence. I also know that the lack of love brings fear, which is the root of destructive forces in the personal as well as the social sphere. The two of us together are an inseparable, immortal, holistic, and ever-learning Particle of EVERYTHING: both a unifying consciousness and an experience of the sheer joy of living.

I would now like to talk about the road which led me to the Affirmation of Higher Self. At the very outset, please allow me to bore you with a few details about myself. While a child I had certain experiences I could not understand and which my subsequent education managed to put out of my mind. While in a “rebellious phase” during my school years, I rejected the dogmas of the Catholic religion in which I had been born and raised, subsequently “shaped myself” via the steamroller of dialectic materialism, and finally experienced an internal transformation. It all started with my undergoing surgery in 1964. I must have been revived at the time, although nobody told me so. I remember a few snippets - not much - but did not dare tell anyone about this. My world-view at the time was decidedly materialistic and I feared that nobody would take my disclosure seriously. I no longer have such fears.

I found myself in some back groundless space surrounded by fog which looked like steam. I felt light and joyful. I walked - and the fog appeared to be lifting. I know that something splendid was waiting for me beyond the fog, but I didn’t know what. Suddenly I heard a severe male voice. I don’t remember verbatim, but it sounded like “hold onto him,” or words to that effect, and then everything disappeared. I remain seriously convinced that the vision was real.

The First World Psychotronic Congress took place in 1973 in Prague , then Czechoslovakia . I read an extensive piece about it in the press, and it gave me no peace. I took refuge behind readings in philosophy, psychology, and psychiatry because I feared for my psychological condition. I subsequently moved to Wroclaw and thereupon traveled to Warsaw every month for meetings of the Psychotronic Circle. I attended various lectures organized by the Poland-India Friendship Association, did yoga exercises, and took part in Zen and other workshops, and in 1975 I was present at the Second World Psychotronic Congress in Monte Carlo.

My world-view took shape and I found peace with myself. I understood a lot and tried to share it, hence the Affirmation. However, I know that language cannot fully communicate the experiences a person has had. Myth and art are helpful, which is precisely why I found the WingMakers material on the internet so persuasive (

Furthermore, the WingMakers push the intellect to the very limits of where it can go. I like this and want to make use of it. Based on the paranormal phenomena I know of, and taking advantage of Oriental and esoteric knowledge, I have reached some working axioms helpful in the deductive validation of the actual experiences and facts. The intellect’s main barrier is caused by the contradictions connected with the concepts of time and space. Language limits us even further. As we know, lexicographical substance is created based mainly on sensory experiences, feelings, and reasoning and uses formal logic for this purpose. It can be ambiguous. For instance, the word “spirit” is used in so many areas and meanings that one sometimes wonders whether is should be used at all. However, we can try to impart order to the meanings.

So let us get back to the above mentioned axioms: The Spirit is the highest changeless Substance, one which eludes intellectual cognition, the Absolute. The Spirit mainly makes itself known via Primeval Duality. The manifestation of the Spirit is something other than the Spirit: it is the Primeval (First) Source, subject to change and possibly to cognition within the process of human development.

The elements of Primeval Duality are Cosmic Consciousness (CC) and Primitive-matter Energy (PE). These elements are interconnected in a complementary fashion, meaning that CC cannot exist without PE and vice versa, PE cannot without CC. Both elements of Primeval Duality have mutually opposing features.

The features of CC are Source Intelligence, creative invention (including the imagination), unchangingness (existence beyond time), spacelessness (taking up no space), and the ability to bring forth holistic Monads (Entities, Higher Selves, Souls). This ability becomes manifest in the process of the complementary connection with PE. This may be related to the physical feature of viscousness.

As mentioned, the features of PE are in opposition to those of CC and are as follows: the attribute of time and space, the absence of intelligence and creative invention, plurality, and tendency to chaos.

It is easier to imagine the holistic nature of the Monad when we remember that even a small portion of a hologram retains the same image as the entire photograph. (Cognition of the features of matter and creation of its opposites generally provides us with rich knowledge regarding the features of consciousness.)

Because it brings forth Monads, CC connects with PE and creates material forms. Thus the creation of elemental particles which combine into atoms, elements, chemical compounds, etc. This development is performed by the Monads, which aim toward reunification with the Primeval Source. This furnishes a starting-point for life and the physical evolution of species. In effect, the Monads aim to reunite with themselves and with the Primeval Source as a Personal God, enriching the latter with the experience of matter.

We must admit that the process described herein bears the deceptive stamp of matter, since it occurs beyond time or within an altered time relation. It is as though everything were happening always and at the same time, but not in same way. The intellect cannot comprehend this.

Within this meaning, I would like to under score that every Monad is a “fragment” of a Personal God. C.G. Jung called Higher Self the image of God (but not God himself) within men. I believe he simply wanted to avoid a conflict with theology, which could have annihilated his entire scientific achievement.

The axiomatic system presented herein is not necessarily true nor the only one. It does, however, shed light upon the entire process of revelation. It derives from Buddhism. Christianity has a different system, one which joins the concepts of the Spirit (the Absolute) and the Primeval Source, to which every feature of the Spirit is attributed. May I take this opportunity to recall what was, in my opinion, an unfortunate statement by John Paul II, who called Buddhism an atheistic religion because its Highest Subject is not a Personal God. He later wisely apologized and withdrew the opinion; ecumenicism remained undamaged thereby.

The Christian system may be closer to the truth than the Buddhist system. The WingMakers accept it in part as well. Unknown ability tends to shrink in the light of multi-value logic which, as is the case with physics, allows the possibility of so-called virtual displacement (ignoring the constant path), which may in the future make it possible to understand processes which are multi-spatial and/or beyond time. How interesting that many types of Christian iconography depict the Holy Spirit as a dove even though catechism preaches the tripartite personality of a single God. And the Gospel says: … People can be forgiven any sin and any evil thing they say, but whoever says evil things against the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven. (Matt. 12:31, Good News Bible).

The axiom - based deductive system of cognition is very useful in many branches of exact science. For instance, Euclidean geometry works well in practice, even in space travel. However, this does not preclude the development of other non-Euclidean geometries based on other sets of axioms. Algebra also works well enough in life, but the development of computer technology would probably not have been possible without G. Boole’s algebra, which is based on a different set of axioms.

I would now like to share my view of phenomena which are considered paranormal. Oversimplifying grossly, one could state that Spirit rules matter. If, being a “particle” of God, the Monad shapes matter in accordance with its own imagination and will, then humans are also potentially capable of doing so, if they can achieve the level of Cosmic Consciousness. However, the three-dimensional “box” of the physical world is very air- tight, and given earthly conditions, only a very few people have this capacity. We could mention Sai Baba’s feats at this point. I believe such people are in fact more numerous, but that they do not make their possibilities known. Jesus could transform or create physical objects, multiplying loaves and fishes or changing water into wine, not to mention resurrecting Lazarus. Perhaps this means reaching into the subatomic net (background?) of energy receptive to the imagination and will of Cosmic Consciousness.

I read in a channeling piece recently that the maximum time for which a human can maintain absolute concentration on any object or thought is a few seconds, ten or bit more. However, what is known as liberation requires well over twenty seconds, and this may be the key to Cosmic Consciousness. But life is more complicated than that. We can nevertheless suspect that the basis of all paranormal is the ability of concentration and creative imagination.

It all looks so simple but is practically impossible to achieve. The obstacle is the barrier of survival-oriented genetic mind as encoded in every cell of human body. The Higher Self (supra-consciousness?) helps penetrate this barrier since the ego consciously cooperates with it.

So how about this conscious cooperation? It is rendered more difficult by ignorance, fixed by selfish emotions and desires. The ego tries to find its way to Higher Self. In an attempt to over come these difficulties, it often takes recourse to magic, clutching at the “straw” of love. Prayer is the most common manifestation of magic. Hierarchy channels this path through religious organizations; the latter take advantage of the species-herding fear encoded in the human psyche, however, and weaken the ego’s “divine penetrating force. “

The WingMakers present two models of existence shaping the human race’s reciprocal connections and destiny. These are:
The Evolution / Saviorship model, and
The Transformation / Mastership model.

The essay Models of Existence reads as follows: Each human is developing their belief system from one or both of these models of existence. The Evolution / Saviorship model is the dominant model that is promulgated by the Hierarchy. Its basic tenets are that life evolves through the Hierarchy’s teacher / student methodology, and that various teachers (saviors) are presented to the human race that enables sub-hierarchies to develop and control information. In so doing, individuals are disempowered and disconnected from their sovereignty …

In the case of the Transformation / Mastership model of existence, its principal tenets are that the entity is limitless, deathless, and sovereign. All information flows from Source Intelligence to the entity, and it is therefore the responsibility of the entity to become self-enlightened and self-liberated by attuning it to Source Intelligence and “detuning” itself from the Hierarchy. Each becomes their own master, and each transforms from human being to a Sovereign Integral within the cradle of time and space.

Let us review the Transformation / Mastership model. Two main paths can be distinguished within the framework of this model: the yoga path and the huna path. The yoga path prepares a person to unite with God. This begins with moral education, which is considered a preliminary precondition. The dominant mantra throughout the various Yoga forms is I am. This leads to unification with the Personal God who is a “distillate” of Cosmic Consciousness, that Most Perfect Flower Vase shaped from the “clay” of Cosmic Consciousness, containing the experiences of all Monads-entities [please forgive the comparison evoked by reversing the truism of Hermes Trismegistus, to the effect that what is in the top (i.e. Spirit) is analogous to what is on the bottom (matter)].

The huna path is a “short-cut.” It does not attach great importance to moral education, believing that divine entity will “ineluctably” reach God. The dominant mantra is an impersonal To be. It leads to unification with Cosmic Consciousness, but not necessarily with God right away. Not united with God, the “un-purified entities” nevertheless have great power over matter. Since they are not cut off from selfish desires (from the ego), they are subject to the great temptation of maintaining individual existence.

If they succumb to this temptation (if they do not effect “disclosure” during their meeting with Steiner’s Second Portal Guard), they become something like “cancer cells.” They err about and become the source of evil, causing other species and their own to suffer.

However, this is probably not the whole truth. Maybe some of these “cancer cells” can unite with each other (e.g. in the form of Lucifer) and create worlds based on Nature’s well-known food chain. This could create a survival-oriented system.

Some people might consider what I have written to be total heresy or fictitious bunk. That does not surprise me. However, I consider myself a religious person even though I believe religious dogmas are myths which take the place of a truth which cannot as yet be universally understood. Lack of contact with Higher Self brings forth fear, which is the root of evil and suffering. How holy and profound are the words of the Pope: Do not be afraid.

May I adduce some words about human dignity. I do not know the author, but they were translated by Pico de la Mirandola:

I have not given you a particular place nor an image of your own, nor any gift which would be yours alone, o Adam, so that you would always be desirous of your image, your place, and your gifts, thereby conquering and possessing them. Defined by limits, Nature obeys the laws I have promulgated. But you are subject to no limits except your own reason, whose custody I have released you into; you yourself determine Nature.

I put you in the middle of the world so you could better see what is in it. I did not make you heavenly or earthly, nor mortal or immortal, so that you could make your own shape in accordance with your own will and dignity, like a good painter or skillful sculptor. “Oratio de hominis dignitate.”

I remember also statement by Nisargadata Maharay, or perhaps Ramana Maharishy, which I paraphrase from memory:

There is nothing wrong with fixing the world. However, the world is the way it is supposed to be. It is better to fix yourself. But the only way to fix yourself is to help the world. When the right time comes, people with knowledge and power will show up and fix the world.

Maybe we are about to see such people appear…

Translated by Alexandra Chciuk-Celt, Ph.D.
All Right Reserved.

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