Man in our culture it is very difficult to imagine a time travel because our concepts are based mainly on sensory sensations. On this basis, based on the language, bivalent logic (true - false), and the whole paradigm of modern knowledge. In the microworld, however, physicists, using a multi-valued logic and the various mathematical structures, see paradoxical phenomenon, questioning our notions of cause and effect. Sometimes there that effect precedes cause.

The phenomenon of relativity astronomical time we also see every day, not being aware of this fact. I mean not only the psychological, which runs in a constant direction but at different speeds, it depends on the efficiency of the psyche. For example, in one day more events recorded and experiencing a child than an adult. I mean magical thinking and action.

Many people do not think about the fact that the religious ritual is based on magic, in which time can run in different directions and at different speeds. The fulfillment of prayer, for example, may require changes in the events of the past, in which the effect has an impact on the cause. I suppose that talking about miracles is the source of our ignorance. I can not imagine that the Creator, through the working of miracles, breaking its own laws. Apparently, these rights do not know fully.

Transfers Creators wings wit supposedly derived from the artifacts found in the underground chambers, which is mentioned in the article NWT. There is a detailed and evocative description of the political authorities to the content of messages does not leak to the public. This content, however, was disclosed by a researcher (Dr. Neruda), who deserted because it considered that the matter is of such importance that it must be well known. This is made ​​possible thanks to the internet which, unless coincidentally, developed at such a rapid pace. These events, in addition to interviews with a journalist named Sara, are also described in the form of fiction.

I must admit that it is not possible to verify the way in which the messages were obtained, although it is known as getting to the Internet. This is the reason for the skeptical views on their accuracy. Recall, however, that the Jesus of Nazareth knew that he was the son of a local carpenter, which gave rise to doubt whether his teaching is reliable. But I remember the gist of CG Jung on UFOs: I do not know whether they are physical facts, but it certainly is not true psychological . The same can be said for communications WingMakers . The way forward does not have to be physically real, but it can be a real mentally and spiritually, especially when waking resonance zone intuition. Yes it is, that the first question that arises when you hear the extraordinary news is: how do you know? The communications great spiritual truths often used a myth. For example, no one has to believe that in the Bhagavad Gita, the god Krishna long conversation, the driver of the car combat, the chief Arjuna took place just before the battle, in the face of armed enemies - and yet it fills almost the entire contents of the Hindu gospel.

Let’s get to the content of messages. Generally they in the transformation of the psyche of the Earth-facing mental and physical attitude to survive the attitude focused on the exploration. This attitude is genetically encoded. The transition must take place also in the zone instincts. For this is not enough intellectual knowledge, logic and metaphysics. In order to achieve a critical mass of awakening in the social scale, enabling the discovery of the so-called. Grand Portal , it is necessary to increase sensitivity to the harmony and beauty. Therefore, messages also contain a rich set of special music at a certain vibration, painting, poetry, and also (perhaps not yet disclosed) information about the history, culture and art of the WingMakers.

It should be noted that this transformation is not without serious and multiple resistance. For example to quote a description taken from the media Creators wings wit (I took advantage of the Polish-language translations Team):

“The implications and effects of the Great Portal

Highlights of the Grand Portal can be reduced to three major influences:

1 Scientific institutions, religious and cultural reform are to embrace the knowledge of multidimensional reality as the core of its activities, leading frequencies.

2 Government leaders are obliged to restructure their political systems, the integration of new systems of knowledge, in particular the multi-dimensional universe and the extended family of intelligent beings that inhabit it.

3 Social institutions associated with industry and trade are reengineered to support the technologies that arise from the discovery of the Grand Portal. These technologies are radically changing the way of life on a planetary scale. Carrier health of the soul, species continuation planning, the stability of the ecosystem and planetary educational system of the species.

Areas of resistance to the Grand Portal can be found in the band of predictability, if you can not avoid them in time. The greatest resistance is largely predicated on three basic factors:

1 Is the particle energy will be used as a weapon and / or energy resource?

2 There will split or unified religion?

3 Is the intelligence of machines will be under the control of the intelligence species? “

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