Chapter 1


I’m already in the eightieth year of life. In their present Self Affirmation I took the achievements of the past 45-five years of research. I found, to my mind, a gift for which it is difficult to live without. It’s not often a man seriously ask yourself: Who am I and where am I going?

Affirmation of Self

My Guardian, Guide and Teacher. You help me to live according to my will. You drive if you need to, in my life. Are you with me, but you are also in a different time and space. I trust you and I love you, because we are One.

My intuition opens the way to the truth. I’m enjoying life, the beauty of the world and good health. I have a sense of humor. I take care of my body. I control diet, come to the correct weight and efficiency. I quit smoking and I limit stimulants, although they do not avoid. I respect family life. Consumerist attitude balancing creative attitude. Our material needs are met with a slight excess. As far as possible to keep fix any bad effects of my akywności, as it is difficult to be impeccable in earthly life - and do not think about it.

I have peace in my heart. I have for a friendly, warm feeling all that lives and exists. I feel a connection with the environment. I see lots of others. I’m glad their successes, helping if necessary and if you can, but do not infringe their will (unless you make the obvious harm). Free will is in fact the basis for the balance of existence. I also know that lack of love breeds fear, which is the root of the destructive forces both on a personal and social.

Together with you, we are inseparable, immortal, holistic, constantly learner, a unifying consciousness and surviving joy of existence “part” of ALL.

I would now like to talk about the road that led me to the Affirmation of Self. It may therefore boring little story about yourself. In my childhood I had some confusing experiences that during adolescence effectively knocked out of my head. During the “youthful rebellion” during school, after the rejection of dogma of the Catholic religion in which I was born and raised, and the subsequent urobieniu me for a long time, the crush of materialism -

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