Structure appearances

Besides WingMakers use the intellect going to the limits, to which it can lead. That suits me. I used it. Based on the familiar paranormal phenomena, drawing on the knowledge of oriental and esoteric, I came to work some axioms, deductive reasoning to help the experiencing of experience and facts. The main obstacle to the intellect are the contradictions associated with the concepts of time and space. In addition, limited by language. Substance lexical, as you know, is formed on the basis of sensations, feelings and reasoning, while using formal logic. Sometimes ambiguous. For example, the word “spirit” is used in so many different fields and meanings that sometimes raises the thought that it did not use. However, you can attempt to organize meanings.

Now, with regard to these axioms: the Spirit is the highest, immutable, unknowable substance to the intellect, the Absolute. Spirit is manifested mainly by Primordial in duplicates. Manifestation of the Spirit is something other than the Spirit (such as gait clock is something other than the clock), the primary source, variable and, perhaps, knowable in the process of human development.

Primary elements in duplicates are: Awareness Space ( synthesized MS ) and Pramateria-Energy ( PE ). Both of these elements are complementary bound, ie, synthesized MS can not exist without PE and vice versa, the EP can not exist without the synthesized MS . Both components Primary in duplicates are mutually contradictory features.

Features synthesized MS are: Intelligence Sources, creativity (including imagination), immutability (existence beyond time), bezprzestrzenność (not invade) and the ability to adopt a holistic state of Monad (Beings Self). This condition manifests itself during the implementation of a complementary relationship with the EP . It may be associated with a physical characteristic viscosity. Monadic state synthesized MS could be called uncountable “quasi-multitude”, but in essence synthesized MS has the feature of unity. All monads are the same, however, have the ability to unite together and to split (intellect has difficulty with it). holistic nature of monads easier imagine when we recall that even a small part of the photo holographic retains the same image as the entire photograph.

Features of PE are, as said, contrasting the characteristics of synthesized MS . These are: time and space, the multitude, the lack of intelligence and creativity and sensitivity to the action is the synthesized MS .

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