Synthesized MS , which is monadycznemu, associated with PE to form a mold material. This produces elementary particles that come together in atoms, elements, chemical compounds, etc. This development is made ​​by the Monad, which seek to re-unite with First Source.

In the process kreacyjnym matter gradually decreases “coherence” Monad forms of material. Gives the beginning of life and the physical evolution of species. Monads As a result, seek to unite with each other and as a primary source of God Personality, enriching experience Him matter.

I must admit that the described process is distorting the stigma of matter, as sometimes happens outside or in a revised relationship time. It’s like everything has always (simultaneously), but not proceeded equally. intellect can not embrace.

In this regard, it must be emphasized that every Monad (Being, the Self) is a “part” of God’s Personality. CG Jung called the Self image of God (not God) in man. I think I just did not want to fall into sharp conflict with theology, because it could destroy all of his scientific achievements.

Axiomatic system presented here does not have to be real or only one. However, throws light on the process of manifestation. It is compatible with the Buddhist. Christianity has a different system, which is connected to the concept of the Spirit (Absolute) of First Source (God Personality), who is credited with all the features of the Spirit.

By the way, I would like to recall the unfortunate (in my opinion) statement of Pope John Paul II, who called Buddhism an atheist religion because God Personality is not in the Supreme Entity. Later he apologized and wisely withdrew from this, without harming the interreligious dialogue.

It is possible that the Christian system is closer to the truth than the Buddhist system. Inscrutability decreases because in the light of multi-valued logic which, as in physics, allows for the so-called. virtual displacements (excluding the continuity of the road) which may allow in the future to understand the processes wieloprzestrzenne and timeless.

It is interesting that in the Christian iconography of the Holy Spirit is presented as a dove (or a dove, which could be an important aspect of the sacredness of sex) despite the fact that catechesis proclaims the Trinity of the One God. And in the Gospel it is said, every sin and blasphemy will be forgiven men, but the blasphemy against the Spirit will not be forgiven (Matt. 12/31, KJV).

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