Deductive cognitive system based on axioms, well used in many branches of science. For example, Euclidean geometry works in practice, including in spaceflight. It does not prevent the development of other geometry, non-Euclidean, based on the modified teams axioms (axioms is not dogma, you can change them). Algebra also works in life, but no algebra G. Boole, based on a band of axioms, the development of computer technology would probably be impossible.


I would now like to share my view on the phenomena classified as paranormal. In the most simplified view this can be reduced to saying that the Spirit speaks matter. If the Monad, as a “particle” of God, shaping matter by your imagination and the will of a man, potentially, it can do so, if he can reach the level of Cosmic Consciousness. However, three-dimensional “box” of the physical world is very tight and, in worldly terms, but few people are able to do so. One may mention the exploits of Sai Baba. I think that such people are more, but do not reveal their abilities. The conversion or creation of physical objects achieved Jesus multiplying bread and fish or changing the water into wine, not to mention the raising of Lazarus. Perhaps this goes back to the network to subcząsteczkowej (background?) energy, susceptible to the imagination and the will of Cosmic Consciousness.

I read recently about the transmission channeling the maximum duration of the absolute concentration of man on any object or thought of a few, to several seconds. The so-called. liberation must, however, tens of seconds, and there is no key to be synthesized MS . But life is more complicated. Nevertheless, one can assume that the base of any of the paranormal is the ability to concentrate and to the creative imagination.

It seems so simple, but in practice almost impossible to achieve. It is opposed dam genetic mind, aimed at survival, encoded in every cell of the human body. Breaking the ego through the firewall allows the Self (superconscious?) When the ego consciously working with her.

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