Model transformational-samostanowiący

Let’s stop the model of transformation-samostanowiącym. Under this model, there are two main ways: the way of Yoga and the path of Huna .

Way of Yoga prepares man for union with God. Above all, care about moral education, treating them as a prerequisite. Among the different varieties of Yoga dominant mantra is: Am . This leads to union with God Personality, which is the “distillate” Cosmic Consciousness, is the “most perfect bottle” ulepionym of “clay” Cosmic Consciousness, containing the experiences of all Beings-Monad (sorry for the comparison, resulting from the reversal of the rights proclaimed in Hermeticism: as above so below).

Huna Way is the way “shortcuts.” Not attaches great importance to moral education recognizing that the Divine Being “inevitably” come to God. The dominant mantra is impersonal am . This leads to union with the Cosmic Consciousness, but not necessarily immediately from God.

Do not united with God, but uncleaned beings have much power over matter. Not quite cut off from selfish desires (of the ego ), are subject to great temptation behavior of individual existence. When will the temptation (if you do not pass the “vetting” during a meeting with steinerowskim second Guardian Threshold ) then become like cancer cells. fault lies and are a source of evil, causing suffering to their species and others.

This is probably not the whole truth. Perhaps some of these cancer cells, united with each other (for example in the form of Ahriman), creates beautiful worlds but based on the nature known in the food chain. It can occur at this synergy, increasing the creative power in the case of collective action. This may arise, we aimed to survive .

This is what I wrote here can someone be considered a total heresy or invented bajdy. Do not surprise me. I believe, however, for a religious man, although religious dogmas I consider communications mythical, replacing truth, which can not yet be widely understood. No contact with the Self raises anxiety, which is the root of evil and suffering. How holy and profound are the words of the Polish Pope: Do not be afraid .

I recall a statement Nisargadatty Maharay’a (or Raman Maharishi’ego), and I quote from memory: There is nothing wrong in correcting the world. But the world is as it should. You need to repair themselves. But the only way to repair yourself is to help the world. When the time comes there will be people obda-

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