slaughterhouse knowledge and power, who fix the world.

Maybe we are faced with the emergence of such people …

Depth Psychology

I think that something falls answered by some new details related to my search for the road to Self. After rejecting materialism was not easy to go straight to the esoteric. So I turned to what I could then accept: the Psychology Deep. At that time it was mainly the work of CG Jung, Erich Fromm and Alfred Adler. I thought so. process of self-realization . For people who have not had the opportunity to learn more about this topic I will try to sketchy and very briefly describe the matter. At the moment I prefer not to use a drawing but I appeal to the imagination.

Imagine a geometric sphere that symbolizes all that is in man is mental, the so-called psyche . Organs of perception and expression are directed outside of the sphere. Surface of the sphere - it samoświa of oneself of the human person , containing the essential element: a sense of “I”, the ego . A small layer below the surface is the seat of memory, language, and code of ethics, which is necessary in social life. Going into the ball another, thicker layer an unconscious individual . Its building blocks are mainly complexes (have them every human age), but the “inhabited” it also censor (kind of computer), which will mention later.

Deeper space sphere filled collective unconscious, composed of archetypes. The centrality of the psyche (the center of the sphere) is the Self . This is the word of God spark in man, the source of life and energy, love. So looks roughly the structure of the psyche. Of course, it can be presented using a different scheme, such as placing the self and the collective unconscious outside the sphere, or in any other way, but it is not a matter of importance. Now something about the “dynamics”.

Self sends energy that permeates the archetypes of “tinting is” their content. Yeah colored energy goes into the unconscious individual feeds life, but is also a carrier of different desires. If you desire are not in accordance with the adopted code of ethics by man - the censor blocks their access to self-awareness. however, can not suppress these desires, acts, the law of conservation of energy. stores them in a special so-

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