Today I can say that these states, with the exception of the last, I experienced before I started practicing Yoga. In my character is Dżnani Yoga , pompously called the way of wisdom and truth. Modeled on the teachings of Rama Czaraki. Even then, I knew what I’m looking for. And it happened, but only once. Endowed me then message about the content: When you return to Earth, they remain only memory overall impression of the experience. The rest will be obliterated. Remember where you come. People with indelible memory there are idolized or, more likely, killed.

In this adventure, so far, ended. But I brought a remarkable treasure. Peace, inner joy and getting rid of anxiety. The sense of parental care and the unity of life. I do not know how else to express it. I think that there are many such people. Maybe too much lean out by writing about it. I guess maybe it’s too early. Because I do not feel any “chosen one”, I am far from that.

Anima Archetype

I would now like to tell something that could be considered a kind of boyish exhibitionism. The question is how, in my case, there was the opening of Anima archetype.

In early childhood, I happened to see, especially at night, strange creatures, and in the day time, I saw a wall or guessed thoughts of different people. Soon, however, refrained from telling anyone about it. The sold me because in a derogatory way.

Another thing was certain unpleasant ailment. Namely soaked at night. My very dear mother worried that (his father died when I was 5 years old). It made me very upset. These developments were accompanied usually dream that, for example, I was somewhere outside, in a beautiful place, I hid behind a bush and peed there. After some time I decided that every time asleep or awake, I’ll pee before pinched. And it proved to be effective. I woke up when tweaking did not hurt me. A little later, the experience is very inspired me.

Here I must say that I was raised in a large ignorant of the opposite sex. I believe that if you kiss a girl, I have to marry her. Otherwise, you will bring shame on her and at each other. I treated it very seriously. But I could not understand why the actors, cinema screens, they kiss. Doszed-

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