lem to the conclusion that they do this for a transparent paper, for real. I did not dare get close to a girl, so treat me harshly. Finally, one of the senior colleagues taught me to masturbate. Later I read a jocular relationship with research, how many boys are grown masturbation. The result was 90%. And the remaining 10% shall be granted.

For a time I was enchanted, but during the first confession I heard that it is a mortal sin. As penance, I received daily recitation, for three weeks, the litany of the Saints (let someone try - I did not know that there are so many).

Then I had an idea. I went back to lucid dreaming. However, the technique has improved. Rather than a pinch - biting tongue. I did so during the frequent dreams that fly in the air, as I swam. I do not usually fascinated me that I fly, but that none of the witnesses dream appreciates the opportunity. Once, much later, I met my, now deceased eldest brother, Kazik. I asked him point blank: what are you doing here, after you’re dead? was very confused, but this also could not stand me. I woke up. Today, such experiments do not.

I thought then that I in a dream to get close to any girl, discarding all previous concerns and beliefs. I did so, and surprisingly - no I did not refuse. It looked as if waiting for me. It happened several times, until the sixteenth year of my life. These girls have taught me a lot in these matters. Then I realized that it was my inner woman. There was just what Jung called archetypes Anima unpacking. Now I know how fabulous little prince learns to love a rose, which usually does not open before careful odprasowaniem flakes, while pretending that it does not really care. But the word rose, woman, there is also a loving mother, very down-to-earth. Encompasses with her ​​love beyond all conventions.


Once I witnessed a discussion on the ethical differences between the Old and New Testaments. In the first case, it is considered the principle of “an eye for an eye”, and the second leads to love their enemies. When the entire Bible Christianity was treated as a work inspired by the Spirit. Mental gymnastics must unusual to explain why Yahweh could be a jealous god and all why he could have very human qualities. How to understand that demanded that Abraham sacrifice his son that killed the soldiers of Pharaoh that tolerate fight against indigenous peoples of

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