the Promised Land, etc. Perhaps the most dramatic case was cruel bullying, to the end of his faithful Job, .

To understand these complex issues need to refer to processes egregorycznych to which modern science has not yet found a way. The way, as usual, is in the form of boundary walls “physical box” in which we live. News, however, come from people clairvoyant (or channeling remittances and others) giving rise to the development of the various branches of esoteric knowledge. This knowledge is based not only on the perception of sensory and thinking, but also on intuition and sensibility, the nature of which (so far) not endowed dedicated physical bodies. Perhaps the germs of these bodies are the pineal gland and heart.

Overall, I think we can say that the physical world is like a womb from which is born and in which human self-consciousness matures (not without pain anyway). Speaking in an opinion simplification of self-awareness, after leaving the physical world ( F ), does not abandon the subtle material body and usually goes to the so-called. Coastal Kingdoms ( KP ), which is subject to further development (not excluding the re-incarnation in a physical body). In any case, these are the Kingdom Offshore constantly, to keep connected with the physical world. It was only able to leave their further opens the way human development.

Speaking about the processes egregorycznych I would be limited to human existence in these two areas: F and KP . Any person residing in the area of F is a mental part of yourself in the KP . “Power drive” in both of these areas is the tendency to the formation of various associations between przeżywającymi similar feelings and emotional states, and similar ideas. The esoteric talk of similar vibration.

Let’s take the simplest example, marriage. If you were provided with unselfish love or long-term - has his egregore. Under the KP join our feelings and ideas with similar vibrations creating autonomous mental object (complex type). Attempting to break such a relationship faces opposition emotional, sometimes incomprehensible to both. It happens that such egregore not disappear even after the physical death of one or both spouses.

Each emotionally connected social group: family, nation (of course, after waking up the national consciousness), religion, social organization or political ideology, etc. - creates his egregore. Therefore egregore is a common inhabitant of the area KP , not to mention numerous other residents.

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