Big egregory accumulate tremendous psychic energy. They also have “self-consciousness” (may sometimes devoid of ego ) aiming to realize they contain the main ideas. shall do bestowing charisma (directed psychic energy) selected their followers, who live in the physical world. physical death the followers of these ideas energizes his egregore. known is that the liquidation of the Knights Templar (and the physical extermination of almost all of its members) that unless reborn in the form of a Rosicrucian. too different from each other egregory national bowed to unite in the F to a common state, they tend to separate. seen it in the light of contemporary world politics. Extermination of followers of any ideology, as I said, energizes egregore this ideology. In this aspect, the death penalty is a kind of sweeping rubbish under the carpet.

Worst is great egregorów fight with each other, remaining at the same level of “self-awareness”, such as Nazism with Communism. Catholic Church in Poland emerged victorious from the battle against communism because they operate with a higher level “self-consciousness” (despite the sagging of some priests) . Worse is when religion can be download on the lower level of “self-awareness”, for example, to the level which usually roll up the political process. Example could be called. Holy Muslim war, or, in earlier times, the Crusades.

Attempt to free themselves from the influence of the individual egregore is usually doomed to failure, unless it is supported by a different egregore. An effective way is to go to a higher level of self-awareness (higher vibration). Egregore probably would not have access to a man if man did NOT have something that can resonate with egregore, ie if undesirable egregore had the man, “handle”, which may possess it. Demons felt fear before Jesus because he did not have on him ” hook “, which could harm him. They were so powerless against him.

Personally, I experienced twice liberation from the influence of egregorycznych. The first time was about to leave egregore the Catholic Church, and the second time - to free ourselves from the “grip” of materialist ideology. Was not an easy matter. Now I understand people who have similar problems. When I speak of liberation from the influence of egregorów does not mean that I do not see the positive role of religious denominations. However, I have in mind the inquiry liberating truth.

Returning to the Lord, in this sense he was not a god (he was someone other than the Elohim in Genesis). He had all the qualities of contemporary Jewish people. Speaking about the role of Yahweh as egregore (”guardian spirit”), the nation’s

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