Jewish, I would like to recall the view of CG Jung ( Psychology and Religion , Warsaw, 1970) based on starotes-departments Book of Job . The author carries out a formal psychoanalysis Yahweh and concludes that Yahweh had suffered a moral defeat in a challenge with Job. The consequence of this was the call of Christ, who gave his charisma of Jesus of Nazareth. Jesus prepared the ground for the establishment of a religion based on love of neighbor. In contemporary conditions, but he could not teach otherwise than by referring to the ancient canons of the religion of Judaism. If this did not quickly been stoned to death for blasphemy.

A similar problem when it comes to violations of established beliefs, they also have WingMakers . Today also pervades human age-old question: why is there evil and suffering? One could look at it as a little humorys-cally:

It should be found guilty of evil to curb. He can not be the Creator, because it would be difficult to worship Him. Even more difficult is to find the culprit in itself. So there is no exit, you have to come up with Satan and adequately respond to it. WingMakers indeed deny the existence of Satan, but it does not indicate a better ancymona, Animus (see Third Interview with Dr. Neruda. Certain matters nonverbal there trying to explain with the help of the intellect. should also be noted that this animus has nothing to do with Jungian archetype of the same name). But these figures, as well as various other demons are invented? But can it be just egregory, created and operated by a man unknowingly by displacing unacceptable, “harmful” desires, coming from archetypes.

And by the way, begs the question of the contemporary philosopher Leszek Kolakowski , being the title of his book: Is the devil can be saved? answer may be yes, but probably only at the end of our manwantary. At the moment it is needed, because who would smoke in the boiler in which we live?

You have to remember that these considerations are ongoing in the field of symbolism and there can not be of any convincing smokers, science evidence. Nowadays experienced this intuitively.

Archetype Old Sage

Now I would like to tell you about the way that I went to open the Jungian archetype Old Sage. In the beginning was the liberation from egregore Catholic Church. The first signs were already in his boyhood, when

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