the altar was, for some minor offense, painfully zdzielony votive candles. I stopped then uncritically accept the words of a catechist, but I was still far from rebellion. The revolt occurred only at the age of przedmaturalnym.

This could someone with young people surprise you, but at that time in PRL still taught in schools of religion. The certificate degree in religion was in the first place. Appointed on duty checked the presence of the church on Sunday morning, which had an impact on the assessment of the subject. However, there was also the subject of “Problems of modern life”, where the least materialistic worldview promoted.

I could not really come to terms with the fact that catechists strongly warned against a stand-alone reading the Bible. In the senior year (1948, in Wolsztyn near Poznan), in the context of religion, in separate classes, taught dogmatic theology and ethics. I remember my lessons fun award on dogmatics, led by an older age, a little overbearing priest. They discussed “rational evidence for the existence of God.” There were 6 or 7, unless by St. Augustine. At the end of the lesson catechist, with great gusto, he said of himself: Well, because if there is a word, a noun, it must be an appropriate thing. Say a word that does not meet this condition: you, you, you - the students calculated the pointing finger. Everybody silent. When it fell on me, I said, “nothing.” Thought for a moment, then blurted out: Aries!. And he was right because I was born under the sign of the ram.

After graduating from high school I felt already belonging to the Catholic Church, although not showing it officially. I felt lost because I did not have their own worldview. Studies began in Wroclaw. It was then that I married with Krysta, also taking a church wedding. Children: Waldemar (1951) and Eve (1952), were also baptized. With time, more and more crystallized my materialistic worldview. In his “embrace” I was 35 years of age. Then came the difficult transformation, which I wrote at the beginning of this chapter.

Now I will tell you briefly about my family later in life. Years later, when the children were grown, our common way of life of the crystalline amicably parted ways. In 1980-the year I got married with Grazyna, who from his first marriage (husband, deceased) has a daughter Jowita. Today, we all live in the USA, also my children and five adults have grandchildren. Krysta and her current husband, visiting them, and sometimes all of us. Almost next door to us Jovita lives with her ​​husband and two adorable children, Wiktoria and Patryk, who visit us almost daily.

Victoria, 3 years old Patryczek, 5 years old

Going back to the period of my studies Wroclaw - at that time primarily clearly saw the positive role played by religious organizations at different stages of social development. Based usually on esoteric revelations, but which can not be universally understood. Therefore form the myths and dogmas, and to exercise his spiritual authority use encoded in the psyche of fear. This power is usually exercised “ordinary people”, adapting as these revealed truths, rather, not always consciously, but usually in good faith, to the needs of the church as a religious organization. Positive role of religious organizations lies in the fact that (sometimes in collaboration with the political authorities) are organizing social life and prevent chaos in immature communities. stimulate the development of spiritual messages referring to the esoteric.

Religious organizations in its aspect egregorycznym, accumulate huge mental energies, sealed the faith in dogma. Attempts to overthrow the dogma, replacing them is not quite understood by the people the content, can trigger unpredictable destructive forces. Therefore, waiting us great change should be preceded by careful preparation. The idea is to develop the energy-release this in a peaceful manner. It will be necessary in the “process of awakening.” We must also remember that at stake is not only the dogmas. Any religious organization is also the site of the work of many people and the source material security of their existence. And here threatens to descend the expected changes on the political plane. Threatened or feel the actual political class. trust, however, that all of these risks are well controlled. unification of religion probably will last, but at the level of the esoteric. Except a brief digression forecasting.

Returning to his own experiences - at that time I started to build their current worldview. Leaving aside any suggestions and beliefs, I started to analyze various familiar events. In particular interested me przeradzania the process of spiritual revelations in religious myths. The closest I was able to Christianity, because his example I want to present my train of thought.

I was, and still am, fascinated by the teachings of Jesus about love of neighbor, and more. However, studying the New Testament drew attention to some of the events, some of which had already been previously noticed by non-Christian administration:

  1. Why is recognized by the Christian Gospels omitted youthful eighteen years old Je of Jesus?

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