Another message intuitive, associated with the opening of ar-chetypu Old Sage, is understanding the essence of magic. Here equipped know very shortly. Cosmic Awareness is achieved by concentration. It is quiet focusing attention on the chosen object (or idea), to experience union with the the subject. Then you can have him according to his own influence the imagination. Magic is not merely a tool of the will, but also more widely understood law of nature, based on the action, just imagination. Noteworthy is recognized by Christianity January-gmatyzm. The wounds of Jesus are at the same time but not on the wrists of the hands, as imagined by a stigmatic. It is a “clean water” magical process. Another similar process is carefully hidden, but apparently occurring phenomenon grist-ing communion wafer in his mouth some people firmly believing - in a piece of the human body. Could imagine the impact on the faithful would identify cases when there is too-tart atavistic memory of ritual cannibalism (though the ritual of communion can have a profound mystical sense).

Likewise, it may be the Shroud of Turin, apparitions of Mary Mat-ki (the feminine in Catholicism once he owed his rank) and other miracles. They are the realization, as in the physical realm, imagination based on deep belief in their truth. They actually true. They consist of words spark of God, Self “residing” in every person.

In yet other broadcasts intuitive I mention that astrology does not have much in common with the influence of the stars on events-ing on the planet. Fixed stars are mainly used as points of reference for specifying in what place aura branches-mskiej took the beginning of the event.

I also had an intuitive message that the undisclosed results of the studies of French doctors over the cholera epidemic, executed in a time when it plagued the country, were true. Evidence-dziły, that cholera is a contagious disease, but not contagious. It is a disease “with fear.” Bacteria are not the cause of the disease, are only medium in the affected her body. Research results have not been disclosed because it was carried out under conditions not complying with the law. Information about this I found in the pri-vate book edition (Norbert Okołowicz: Psychology and Medicine).

Perhaps the same applies to cancer and certain other diseases afflicting people today on a large scale? Recently tra-Fileman the news in the press website (unfortunately not recorded-shaft “bearing”) that in some backward countries-it explodes epidemics superstitious, irrational fear. For example, preached out of mass deprivation men potency (by “stealing” penises) . There were a lot of complaints and sought

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