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There is a higher kind of logic, and I’ll call the “logic of non-sensual” and it has nothing to do with IQ tests. Allows, however, embrace the things that does nothing can be proved in the light of the intellect.

WingMakers material produces in people a whole range of reactions, from extreme denial after too utopian approach, but after that we got from the Creator discernment and feeling that you-we used it in a way that to get a balanced view on matters which are beyond the control of the senses.

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For Doreen:

Intuition is one of those concepts that are difficult to determine, but undeniably exist and are essential for human development. Regardless of the path you peel yourself, sooner or later you run the decks of intuition and of the internal. In our culture perfectly the ideas expressed Socrates and Plato (they can not be separated from each other, since the first-known almost exclusively from the teaching of Platonic). Gnothi se auton - Know thyself - this inscription over the entrance to the Delphic Wyrocz-ni. According to these philosophical ideas - everything we know from birth, we need only recall. Before life and after death we are able to omniscience - but once they are clothed in a physical body, we enter a state of divisibility (duality), which inevitably limits us. However, thanks to these-he just develop - because they do not know everything, paradoxically, we have greater scope for spiritual development.

When comparing intuition and intellect, it is worth recalling filo-Sophie French philosopher Bergson’s intuition. He has conducted extensive critique of the intellect. Well intellect distorts things so as to make them more convenient tools of cognition. Inte-lekt tends to: