• relativize things - every thing in science is determined in relation to the other, depending on the other.

  • An alternative to the limitations of the intellect is intuition. Paradoxically semester, however, is that critique of Bergson intellect moved by the intellect rather than intuition, which by nature is non-verbal.

    To Marian:

    Close to me are your experiences and thoughts. Also, I follow the way of the intellect, in order to also use knowledge through myth and intuition. Is close to me as depth psychology and rejection does not influence the path egregorycznych both Catholic and no-terialistycznej. A new feature for me is the philosophy Creators sashes that some time exploring more.

    You write: Free will is the basis of the balance of existence. I also know that lack of love breeds fear, which is the root of destructive forces-tion both at the personal and social.

    I agree with this statement wholeheartedly and intellect. What freedom do I add here the following note: although freedom ITY have always and thus necessarily, however, not everyone makes use of it. People who do not believe in their own free will, and believe they are puppets, mannequins devoid of will - indeed they are so because they themselves determine. You can through free choice to create an illusion of imprisonment, confinement in me-someone belief system. Therefore, you should seriously treat all fatalistic and deterministic beliefs - they too retains the validity for the one who believes in them. Not to mention the fact that you probably refer to the existence of forces that are actually for-interests are human bondage - about which so much is written in the esoteric. However, at any time, we can abandon this vision - no one and nothing in the world can enslave us without on-Szeja consent.

    I’m also close to the concept and experience of the Spirit, which is the original terms of matter. Although the philosophy Creators Sk-rzydeł beautifully synthesizes and consistently describes the Spirit, but his-torycznie speaking is just another link in the long philosophical development of humanity.

    The concept of emanation, the transition being from the One to in duplicates, appeared clearly in the study of Plato. In the Middle Ages this tra-DIT continued apophatic theology (negative), prevent began with the pseudo-Dionysius the Areopagite, John Scotus Erigena, Meister Eckhart, Nicholas Cusanus, James Boh-me, Silesian Angel and many others. Such thinking about the Spirit is associated with mystical experience - the mystics always men-minaj a unique and indescribable unity of the Spirit (the Absolute, God). The same and also find a long tradition in India. Think Creators

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