Wings re-take the ancient human experience - and it is wonderful in this mad-yards and mythical philosophy.

I myself, for over almost a year I experience from time to time substitute this state (usually in a dream, but it happened to me a few times also awake, they are usually kilkunastominuto-in experience). Experience the Unity of the Spirit is amaz-witym experience, which remains a powerful feeling of love and timelessness. Here I can only confirm that the knowledge of the intellect-alne only a partial degree closer to the experience. Very helpful role played by the arts - music, images, brainy-destruction mythical, and inspiration of others.

You write: In this regard, I would like to emphasize that every Monad (Being, the Self) is a “part” of God’s Personality. CG Jung called the Self image of God (not God) in man. I think that the pro-hundred and did not want to fall into sharp conflict theology, because it would in-niceswić all of his scientific achievements.

In the Hindu tradition, there are analogous terms of the Atman (Self) and Brahman (the Absolute). There are three possible solutions to the relation between them:

  • Advaita, full of identity, non-duality. This is the doctrine of Sankara, Self and final reality are the same. There is a multitude of consciousness, everything is Unit-pregnancy,

  • special doctrine of non-duality - the science Ramanud-life, and

  • more radical doctrine of Madhva.

The last two Sankara criticized considering that there are differences between God (who is here people) and the Self, since Christmas definitive nature of reality is internally diverse.

For me, today is closer to the first position, carefully-Zam, that the experience of duality (duality implies the existence of reality as double, two entities - matter and spirit) is rather structure of intellect, there is no such state in certain phases of mystical experience.

You write: It is possible that the system is closer to Christian rights-dy than the Buddhist system.

Here is probably the only unclear to me you-fragment your response. I do not understand why the Christian system would be closer to the truth, since the very concept of truth is con-was constructed on the basis of the system. For example, in the tradition of the western, there are several different definitions of truth, two of which are Christian provenance. The first says that “truth is what it is” (the definition of ontological, proposed by St. Augustine), while the other says that “truth is the conformity of thought with reality” (St. Thomas Aquinas). Personally, I think these definitions are incomplete

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