To yuliana:

You write: While the magic refers to the strength of religion often refers to anxiety.

There is another way of creation. I call it the creation of non-puissant. Puissant name is widely understood the magic that defined the action perfectly.

6 yulian

I wrote a religion often refers to the fear of thinking of religion at the level of the outer - exoteric. This is what you, Cin-ka, wrote odniósłbym longer to religion at a deeper level du-up currents - esoteric, facing the inside (of course there is a separate religion exo-and esoteric - they permeate and spla-is hidden by).

I agree with what you wrote, but I still believe that prayer is based on fear (and therefore “darker” vibrations) is more common in religions.

In the sciences, there is a concept in religious deities survival wanego as numinous - a mysterious, sacred power, on-pawająca human horror and fear (mysterium tremen-dum), while attractive and compelling him (mysterium fascinosum).

Maybe instead of consecutive terms, something with my life experience.

I remember that the most powerful prayer I ever implementing nałem, happened to me during melting in the sea near Hel. I was then 12 years old and then swam in the sea with my father. The weather surprised us this day, because very soon the waves rose, the wind had strengthened and thrown us into the deep - lost sand under your feet. The situation was very un-interesting - every second we were losing strength, trying to maintain is imperative on the surface. Although we are a father good fluid-wakami, we knew that we could have tens of seconds of life. Then I started very strongly and intensely pray - in my mind - asking God to save us, to help us in this difficult time. At the same time we fought on the waves, trying to get out of this trap that we zgotowało sea. Swim-liśmy remnants of forces to the last pile, planted in the seabed - Hel at intervals set the wooden stakes - and very strongly we started to keep them, trying to move from one to the other, to the beach (and were very slippery and sharp - but we had nothing else to grasp a). Halfway between piles przypłynęło two young and strong men - who helped us further out from the stormy sea. Once you have regained his footing grabbed us by the arm and so we came to the shore. We thanked them, and they quickly disappeared Nelia -

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