have not met them later. We fell exhausted on earth me, and I thought I thanked God. That day on the beach drowned three people - the body of one of them I’ve seen personally and despair daughter. We had a crippled hand, but healed after a few weeks. Since that time, I cherish great respect for water - still swim, but always with caution, and never enter the sea deeper than the waist. Experience is a very strong influence business achieve me, I was still practicing Catholic - although almost always attracted me personal faith in God, not in the Church.

Of course, prayer can be independent of religion, moreover, it depends on what religion is, as we understand it. I met on this forum with such a broad interpretation of religion - as “collective ru all values.” In this perspective, religion would be present in many forms of everyday life, not only in churches-rag and on holidays. However I to such an approach is not I agree - also form the myth (which is the earliest stage of human development) and secular metaphysical philosophy.

Prayer may have a different character - it can be verbal or Mental, individual or canonical. These prayers dziękczyn-ing, pleading or worshiping. Praying, we turn to the realm of the sacred - such as gods, angels, saints. But we can also be can-DLIC to your own Higher Self, which can be considered the same as all or part of God.

7 Marian

Thank you Yulia’s so valuable and enriching expression. And as for the ambiguity in my opinion: It is possible that the Christian system is closer to the truth than the Buddhist system - I’m writing this before: Christianity has a different system, which combines the concept of the Spirit (Absolute) of First Source (God Personality), who is credited with all characteristics of the Spirit.

I admit that the word “truth” to me somehow entangled. Scrutinize not here in the definition of truth. I’m only thinking of the issue of knowability, as I write in the following sentence: unknowability decreases in light of the fact that multi-valued logic, also in physics, allows for the so-called. virtual displacements (excluding the continuity of the road) which may allow in the future to understand the processes wieloprzestrzenne and timeless. And so, perhaps, human data will not only know but also the First Source Spirit.

You write: distinguish the religion from one another in the form of exoteric and esoteric.

I’m not talking about religions but about religious organizations, and so their exoteric aspect. Of course, I share your opinion about the esoteric aspect of religion.

As far as the magic - the magic understand a bit more: not only as a tool but as the will of the natural law. Sometimes deliberately did not use the word “will”, only the “imagination”. For example, in everyday life we ​​often see that a man meets what you do not wish to, or what fears, but it imagines itself. After some time in this manner pulls misfortune.

I will tell something of their own lives. I was the youngest in the family. My oldest brother, Kazik, after the war, he met his friend the school doctor. This fellow, in a relaxed conversation, drew attention to a small wart on his face Kazik and said that this should not be underestimated, because it could be cancerous tissue. So let him “a flea in the ear.” After eight or ten years Kazik died of stomach cancer. My mother was very worried about this and also died of cancer.’s Other brother, Heniek, he was afraid to drive. Ashamed of that and your concerns revolved ships in joke. died Trabant entering the booming truck.

And now something about the magic of serving as a tool of the will. Unbelievable thing happened to my colleague Richard (not his real name) and his family. It happened in 1949. Richard’s parents were our neighbors. They lived together with another family in a shared house. One room in the house held the previous tenant, who just had to move out. Women very much quarreled about who would take after him peace. At the end of Richard’s mother heard the argument: now I’ll never forget! According to the tenant, who coincidentally heard this piece of argument, it was not an empty threat. Grozicielkę known as a person, able to “odczyniać charms.” In the previous place of residence called her to “remove charms” of sick animals.

In January 1949, Father Richard evening, during a blizzard, he fell under a train at an unguarded crossing. Along with Richard I collected his remains on the railroad tracks. Richard was my age. Together we studied at the Technical University of Wroclaw, then just stayed on the winter holidays winter.

Last May 1949 tanned in Wroclaw on the Oder. Two girls inadvertently fallen into the water and began to sink. Richard rushed to the rescue. The girls were rescued by the oncoming boat people, and Richard drowned. Later, his brother, three-year (unless already unexpected), playing in the backyard, was very much bitten by his own dog. This mother was abolished. She suffered a temporary mental disorder and began to fall ill.

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