Chapter 2


Letter to the Editor of the Unknown World:

I agree with your opinion that the subject of WingMakers may be required “thorough and multilateral publication.” When this happens - I’d like to share my current view, which is not necessarily supposed to be published.

You can see that in our time are growing paranormal phenomena, and grow deeper in the field of scientific research. Then there are mass demonstrations of psychic healing sessions. For example, Benny Hinn, operating in the U.S. clergyman (unless Protestant, says that acts in the name of Jesus) builds on his meetings after tens of thousands of people, and his performances in New Zealand, Ukraine, and even in Israel drew hundreds of thousands of people. You can watch it on television, such as New York’s Channel 9 that - after half an hour for five days a week (from 6:00 to 6:30 New York time).

Not without significance is the action research institutes, such as the Monroe Institute, which trains students of journeys out of the body. Increasingly, it is also richer literature related to UFOs and channeling. Anyway, these things are well known to you.

In this situation, the appropriate authorities of the political authorities are put to a severe test. Contemporary scientific knowledge of these matters can not explain. Religious organizations, even using the dogmas, nor have an answer for everything. Disclosure of the truth of many physical phenomena undermine the paradigm of our culture, causing unpredictable results. It’s obvious that such a change can not take place too quickly, because the attitude directed at survival is deeply rooted in the psyche. This happened in the phylogeny generations. Just look at the so absurd and insane fact as the existence of war, where the mass murder makes a virtue - and few people are amazed.

Returning to transfers WingMakers can imagine that in the process of concealing inconvenient events, the political authorities an accident at work. Namely, there was uncontrolled “leak”, rather accidental, enabled the existence of the Internet. Authorities need to patch this hole. Serve in such cases has long proven methods. Should take the initiative to inform and as little as possible to talk about material facts,

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