Synchronizcja precognitive

Reading the Unknown World usually begin to preform editorial. In the last, the March issue (3/05) in the article SIGNS author, with careful detachment, touched relationship of certain events small or individual (preceding) the social or political events (follow-up). From myself I would like to throw in one more event: when Napoleon Bonaparte landed in Egypt - he tripped and fell on his face. In order to maintain their “persona”, supine spread his hands and exclaimed emphatically: African O earth, I take you in my possession! ABOUT subsequent fate of Napoleon’s no need to mention it.

The author is careful to understand. Synchronization phenomenon is in fact close precognitive superstition, superstition, and is associated with a fairly common magical thinking. Imagine driving a car, when something is difficult to do. During the approach to the green lights sometimes raises the idea that the favorable settlement of the case depends on whether you have time to ride before changing lights (common sense dictates, however, do not touch the gas pedal). Another time, when I doubt whether they can park in the sheer volume of cars, helping the concentrated imagine that just found the right place. I advise you to try. In my case goes to every other time, although subsequent evaluation indicates more opportunities for one to ten.

The timing of events in the worlds of physical and mental dealt with CG Jung in spite of that very care about its image as a man of science. I remember his description of a therapy session with a patient who told his dream of a scarab, and in that moment he began to knock on the window, a large beetle. With great appreciation also spoke about the Chinese fortune-telling, where the scattered sticks (physical phenomenon) is read future events. It is also worth mentioning that it purports scholar he considered charlatans doctors who do not use in the diagnosis of astrological knowledge.

As I said before, a man of our culture is very difficult to imagine a time travel. Language and logic are in fact related to the notion of time based on sensory experience. Transfers channeling of time jumpers can not quite relate to our physical world, but you can imagine based on the known psychic experiences. I mean hypnotic regression. But it is not only a reminder of events, but above all to recall the feelings and emotions of the past, and so on re-experiencing, almost completely losing track of time “real”.

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