But what can you say about travel in the future? Perhaps the development of intuition will allow the use of synchronization precognitive, when, thanks to the characters preceding the event meets the follow-up.


Is the universe a computer created and controlled by Cosmic Consciousness?

In today’s era of information such thought arises as an extrapolation of concepts related to the Internet. I would like to refer to studies on the effects of meditation annual readers Unknown World, conducted by German astrophysicists Grazyna Fosar and Franz Bludorf. Very would like to see the details they use research methods.

As is well known in computer systems we are dealing with material devices (hardware) as a carrier of information and the software (software), ie logic control systems course and processing information. For these studies, as I assume the role of PC hardware perform biological structure of DNA, while an important element of software program is a selection of some of memorized phrases (the modern computer) their rich resource. The essence of this phenomenon is observed that this is influenced by the selection of an unknown type of energy emitted by the collective consciousness meditation participants, causing deviations from expected results mathematically. These deviations have a certain relationship with the content of meditation.

As a mathematician, I have an idea of the theory of probability. I want here to tell a own, maybe a little childish adventure. In the seventies, when I was studying game theory, I decided to have some fun with the development of cost-effective system of lottery games. Of course I know that such a system is theoretically impossible. Do not allow this law of large numbers. But what can become if the conditions in which it operates this law will be disrupted in some way? Interference can be caused for example, draw the wrong way, or by someone cheating (I did not take into account the causes of spiritual or consciousness). But whatever the causes of interference, if they occur actual results may differ materially from the expectations probabilistic. These differences will consist of favoring some groups of numbers from which you could already draw practical conclusions. Such a system, together with its block diagram,

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