developed in the late seventies, when I was still living in Wroclaw. Software took a great programmer Mr Boguslaw Szajer. Unfortunately, my departure from the country not allowed to finish the play.

It reminds me of a passage novel by Jack London (unless White Fang) where the main character has developed an effective system for playing roulette. In this situation, the owner of the casino threatened bankruptcy, so he decided to buy the system from its discoverer. After the transaction, it turned out that the roulette table was too close to the furnace, causing it to distort and violate the randomness of draws.

Returning to study German astrophysicists can imagine that the carriers of information (hardware) can be not only DNA but also various finer material structures, not necessarily organic. For example, the particles at the atomic or subatomic, and finally pramateria or cursed by modern science ether (elsewhere also called Akasa). “Computer Space” could therefore function based on different levels of the structure of matter, accumulating knowledge as unlimited “library.” Many thinkers trying to intellectually explain these issues by creating terms such as The Matrix, quarks, and, finally, the morphogenetic field Rupert Sheldrake. Virtually co-rzystają of the “library” clairvoyants, and in the last century, among many others, particularly distinguished himself clairvoyant and anthroposophy, Rudolf Steiner Austrian market. **

About the use of “library space” anything I can tell you from personal experience, but this experience I do not always succeeded and I can not say that its source is as I imagine them.

Suppose we want to gain knowledge on a specific topic. To do this, you need to arrange suitable as short as possible and unambiguous question. Over this question for some time to focus, looking for answers, sometimes ad nauseam. In the next stage, leave this question alone, do not think more about it and do something else. It may take quite a long time, eg several weeks, and sometimes even just one night. Then, when an unexpected time, followed by a third step of: carrying glare response. It remains only to formulate it in a meaningful way.

This process is described, at the age of 90-five years, one of the eminent French mathematician of the nineteenth century, a student of Henri Poincaré, Jacques Hadamard in the work Fri. Psychology mathematical discoveries, published also in Polish. He distinguished four stages of the discovery process: Inspiration, Incubation, Glare and wording (as in czterotaktowym car engine).

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