Let’s dwell on what divides religions. Take into account that a person raised in a particular culture and / or among people of a particular religion, time is not in itself the gift of spiritual experience, or may give rise to the protest against the human error introduced into the beliefs or religious practices (hence Protestantism). I think, however, an important source of division are the differences of the dogmatic (although I admit that the secrets of the intellectual acrobatics are not fully known to me).

Contemporary Christianity, after going through a dark period of human perversions of the faith, says Christlike way to salvation through love, mercy, forgiveness and other virtues empathic based on deep faith, the text of which is given in the form of dogma. There is no word “eye for an eye”, no also calls for “holy war” or the worship of the “sacred cows” (although the depth of esoteric knowledge can shed oriental man on his knees).

The Creator has given his work its own divine nature - and yet a man must gain the truth alone, and gradually, learning from mistakes. It is helpful to the concept of karma and lifebuoy unifying love.

According to tradition WingMakers religious establishment on a cosmic scale directs the hierarchy, as the most branched and necessary organization. It gives the character a powerful spiritual energy and mental, which is endowed man. To a large extent, prevent disaster, and alleviates their impact. Not all, however, this energy is subject to such regulation. You can watch the great religious services, meetings with the pope and the Muslim ritual prayers, and at the same time there are wars and other disasters (not to mention such minor events as a brawl in a sports stadium).

You have to remember that a breach of beliefs is a dangerous process and can be very harmful. Just to remind you how much suffering caused declare that the earth is not flat and is the center of the universe.

The great secular scholars of religious beliefs (E. Fromm, CG Jung) maintain that religions can be tolerant with each other external relations. In contrast, no religion can be tolerant internally, because inevitably lead to its disintegration. How you can say, for example, a Catholic, that the resurrection of Jesus and the Immaculate Conception is the true spiritual, but not necessarily physical, so long as said otherwise (and therefore lied!). Doing so not only inflicts suffering a believer, but it can trigger, as I have often mentioned, unpredictable consequences destructive energy.

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