Thus, at the current stage of development, it is difficult to expect a religious unification. In contrast, bringing together different religions and tolerance through external affirmation of commonly accepted values ​​can lead to the emergence of a new, esoteric theology, more approaching to the truth of the human species. Maybe it will come through the incarnation of souls prepared for this.



Very pleased me honoring George Prokopiuk annual Honor Award of the Unknown World. His works and translations of the works of Jung and others, as well as lectures and meetings have allowed me to develop much needed insight into many issues “invisible.” To some extent, I feel its alumnus, even though I’m a year older. Interview I read with interest the laureate, contained in No. 12/05 NWT.

Particularly interested me excerpt: The only point at which I have serious doubts about the amount of suffering and evil, which - as part of the development - has been released. My personal pain is rooted in the question of whether it was necessary until the maximization of these extreme sensations.

Such concerns have also Buddha before his Enlightenment. However, in the Bhagavad Gita, we read the words of Lord Krishna: The encounter with the matter of our throws us in the cold and heat, in pleasure and pain, but these are transient and appear and disappear. Only a brave man, which they did not udręczają and not mourn, that is as quiet as in joy and sorrow, it becomes zdolen to immortality (II/14, 15).

I think that the genetic mind, which is encoded in each particle of the body, focused on survival, may require very stringent measures to liberate ourselves from the world of hypnosis imposed on him. This is also the scale of the collective, even though it may seem contrary to human notions of karma.

I recall a story about the teachings of Carlos Castaneda collected from the Mexican shaman Matus. At the beginning of Castaneda was “softened” hallucinogenic herbs to undermine his materialist beliefs. Did not need these treatments, however, another, a Mexican student Matus, Pablito, because it took so strong materialistic education.

In communications WingMakers while (and not only) is said to be incarnated essence of time planning their earthly life facing such obstacles can only imagine.

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