- They turn my head, what can I help you? Her presence will only interfere, suffice photograph. But not proper to refuse. You can sleep in my hotel, I have two beds in the room.

On the way back to the Polish mulling over wealth presented at the Congress of the results of research into psychic phenomena. Today many of them are known, but then they were something new. At the same time - to his surprise - close-sewed in the spirit that they won at the casino. , I had an overwhelming dream: I dreamed that I returned from Monaco with a substantial amount of money, but the communist authorities did not believe in my win considering that it is a payment for a spy.

With his father Klimuszką met several times later in Pols months, mainly on the occasion of his readings. At one spot-ings jokingly naurągał me for sending mail to the Monastery fo-ies of the Congress:

- Do you know what otrzymałbym scolding from my superiors, if these pictures hit on their hands?

With great regret that I learned of his passing on occupation-six.

But really forever?

I lived in Wroclaw. One day he came to my apartment well-built man in his forties with a very distinct facial features. Today, I do not remember his nazwis-ka. I only know that his name was Edward. He said that he belongs to a group Spiritist and that on one of the sessions, via the media, spoke to them Czeslaw Klimuszko. Had the-know, inter alia:

- Advise Wasilewski this thinking that has stop-mować busy fiddling. You should write about what is happening in Poland.

Apparently also gave my address.

Indeed I wrote then in his spare time hearing about altered states of consciousness.

I made an appointment with Mr. Edward to meet in live-ing a marriage doctors. It was somewhere in the vicinity of Pla-cu Grunwald. I came there with my wife, Grazyna. Economic podyni with whom we met, had the ability to rapid transition into an altered state of consciousness of. In contrast, said Mr. Edward, who was a hypnotist, jointly with decades of student (name I do not remember) Pel-ted to the role of the medium.

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