Chapter 4

The Science of Evil


Having lived in the USA I was lucky enough to meet Andrew Lobachevsky, who as a clinician psychologist-coined term derived from the Greek Ponerologia.

This term described the results of his and not only its multi-year study, constituting a sort of complement of ethics, but in terms of kind of mental. Unfortunately, not always had the ability to “break through” with their knowledge and most of his work, as far as I know, has not been published.

Closer contact with Andrew Łobaczewskim prompted me to read also other materials with similar problema-tice, smuggled out of the former Soviet Union and Hungary. After-Invalid at that time (it was the 1984th year) I gave a few ye-terviews associated with the release of my book Mental source communism - also decided to allocate one radio interviewer you-this is the theme. Statements contained therein were previously formulated together with Andrzej Łobaczews-who, who at that time did not reveal his authorship (he fears against communism and grand special services). Although it was quite a long time - I guess that topic is not yet sufficiently popularized. So I report this interview, conducted by Andrew Holika, the Voice of America radio journalist:

Andrew Holik: You spoke about the impact of ever-affected certain mental abnormalities in the development of social relations-tion. Also one of the chapters of your book has the title “Social structure of evil.” Would you said for something more?

Marian Wasilewski: I am glad that you just ask for it, although the partially extends beyond the content of the published work. With some of the results of psychological tests encountered in August after its writing, and therefore we tell about them here. Require a certain statement preparation, without which it is difficult to capture the essence of the matter.

First of all I would like to refer to the so-called. Filters social, barrier limiting normal operating consciousness, mentally healthy people. It is known that one of these fil-ters is language. In the performance of such a language is derived role ambiguity, and in fact

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