the duality of meaning of words truly efficient, to which they can protect our-”I”, including the rationalization of psychi-arm, to facilitate the fulfillment of selfish desires. Another filt-rem is a bivalent logic, parent our culture. It is designed to explore the outside world, and not the human psyche. Yet another - social content experiences. tells it to adapt to the attitudes and opinions of others, to avoid isolation when our views and pos-stippling are not widely accepted. Moreover, an important role is played by beliefs, stereotypes, habits, etc.

Under these conditions, the system produced zdroworoz-sądkowego thinking. Refined common sense trying to reconcile re-alia the outside world with the totality of our response sensitization qualitative and emotional attitudes. Shapes the norms of coexistence, accept moral outrage in case of breach. It is - and rightly so - widely respected.

Our common sense is closed, however, in the limited-assorted the barriers, hindering an objective look at the world, mainly to themselves, to other people, and in general for social affairs.

AH: Does it mean that psychology can break this barrier?

MW: Maybe not so much break, which exceed. I think I can be-on today claim that the development of depth psychology, and most of lice-stkim tremendous progress in the field of testing, which effected-Court over the last several years, is able to overcome this barrier based on objective research. It remains yet to overcome what could be called inertia-wall paradigm of our culture. You also need to remember that scien-kowcy are also subject to human limitations at that.

But I will return to the main topic. Now the world sta-ki show that in different countries and living conditions of 2% to 4% of the people are mentally ill individuals or impaired. They usually have all kinds of mental efficiency losses, but do not constitute a serious danger to other people, and in any case of emergency on the social scale.

Normal people are usually very diverse in terms of the nature, types of mental, towards the interests and skills. This is a great gift of nature, because it allows the comprehensive development of humanity.

However, there is some kind of diseases or deficits psyche-handheld, whose symptoms are so moderate or covered dy-simulation environment that they do not normally perceives and evaluates the occurrence of such persons in common-sense terms can-tural.

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