AH: This disease, if any, is likely to have to exist forever. Is the perception of them allow for-piero modern methods of psychological research? Is it possible-wniej nothing was known about them?

MW: Of course there are always and were seen by numerous specialists. However, they did not see and still not see society, ordinary people. Experts however have difficulty in diagnosis. Modern diagnostics, and mainly test methods allow today to extract this kind of the cases of. Their number exceeds about twice the number of other people sick or mentally disabled to the extent perceptible to the environment. But only some of them, relatively few in number, may be considered złogenne, that is likely to harm other people or that of their immediate surroundings, or the scale of the civil-arm.

AH: What kind of condition do you mean? Can you give some specific examples?

MW: Experts point to some characteropathy, due to organic brain damage. For example, the field frontal cortex are the center of the inner projection of abstract concepts and imagination, allowing them to-Glade and critical processing. Damage to these fields, especially made in early childhood or during childbirth causes sprouting of affected people in the pathological egoty-tion, vengeful enthusiasts and fanatics.

If the mother, for example, is affected by the loss of mental inevitably reflected in a terrible way, for the education of children, causing them severe mental deviance AD. The influence of the mother passes for children through identification, suggestions, fascination, or liberating the proceedings protes-tujące, opposite to those impacts.

Social environment, as already mentioned, is considered generally the unit for mentally normal, and their conduct in-terpretuje in moral terms. This allows them fascynator States influence, sometimes on a large scale social.

There are many indications that this category of persons may include Stalin, Pol Pot or Khomeini. On the basis of the opinion of specialists of letters whose names can not be given here, made ​​mainly from the Soviet Union, it can be assumed that Brezhnev did not show any such mental defects. On-whereas in Andropov discern a clear symptoms of psy-chopatycznych. Such a “macroscopic” assessment should be pot-wierdzić specific clinical trials, which practically does not seem possible.

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