psychopathic To anomalies as particularly significant, yet return later.

Another type of organic diseases are damaging the diencephalon, which is the center of the brain regulating same. It keeps the tone inhibition in the cortex. This resort is sensitive to bacteriological aggressions.

In order to illustrate this type of illness quote here denunciation some Polish clinician (unfortunately still unpublished mica), whose name also can not provide:

“The process of thinking goes with them quickly, but with an accuracy reduced. Very easy to push the field of consciousness associations unused worthy and pass the paralogous expression. Tend to be willing to profess different ideologies very mature. What devises during sleepless nights, throwing the paper in the morning with a paranoid sense of genius. They asteniczni and on a daily basis tend to be mild, but substantive critical Tyke take with resentment, sometimes responding epithets at an indoor-ka.

About one of the more severe cases of this kind, he wrote Vasily Gros-sman: … was always gentle and soft, polite. And while ce-hid him unbroken focus, ruthlessness and brutality against the opponents policies. Do not allow the possibility that they may have a minimum validity, or that he can not have a little bit wrong. ‘”

Such people have a certain duality of personality. Shall retain for normal human heritage, based on the rule-base instinctual dimensions. Their work, the filtering pa-pathological distortion, in many cases, can be used to-bru society. Therefore, it is hardly surprising that they often are echoed in the minds of other people, weakening their ability to use common sense.

AH: This description probably corresponds to the personality of Lenin. Do you guessed?

MW: Maybe. However, I think that you should keep a certain restraint in assessing the creators of ideology. I just wanted to show-onstrate that creativity may be a carrier of influence pathological attacking public awareness. For example, hitherto not explained scientifically puzzle how it could come to this, that the German people chose the leader of psycho-Pate, and then follow his orders as at the time the Hi-TLER was already mentally ill in the state eligible to treatment of closed?

I discuss mental anomaly, which is essential-if the impact on the process of złogennych in the social scale. The longer

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