characteropathy are usually meaning ini-tive form leaven disease, gorges itself into the fabric of humanitarian ideology and fascinating acting on the environment. Then come the other without which processes złogenne could not solve-NAC on such a large scale, we express today totalitarian regimes MFIs. The others are people affected by psychopathy.

I think most experts no doubt today that the so-called. dogs Chopati right to be transmitted hereditarily. H-tępowania frequency is approximately equal to the frequency of colorblindness and is about three per mille. However, examination of the same anomaly and its impact on the processes złogenne requires separation of different varieties of psychopathy proper pathological phenomena of the like symptomatyce, which is over 10 times more. It is very likely correct inheritance of psychopathy (wed-lye said psychologist clinician), the X chromosome, but the gene is not completely dominant.

AH: You mentioned once before that the psychopath is a human-age healthy …

MW: Yes. It is healthy mentally and physically. His anoma-lia is to have erased some emotional resonance, relevant to the ordinary man. To better characterize this anomaly-ing - I quote again fragment of this unpublished work of the clinician:

“The essence of the phenomenon of a partial deficit of natural human instinct of-response, the first teacher of man. On the basis of this deficit in the development process, produces a corresponding de-ficyt higher emotionality and poor and distorted concepts światopo-review of psychological and socio-moral. This leads to feelings of alienation in the world, which is dominated by ordinary people and that puts them on-der difficult requirements. They rebel against such a society, where we still talking about those stupid ‘, incomprehensible theories of moral-tion to condemn them their freedom and joy of life.

A sense of otherness is born with them very early … Like early display a characteristic ability, a kind of resonance, which helps them to recognize each other. Not only quickly form their own mesh ties within societies, but also realize that there are everywhere, in all social groups and in all countries. They know some facts so biopsychological, of which the existence of the average person does not realize, and that science is not yet sufficiently explained and popularized.

Typical psychopath encounter everywhere evil has been running for initial-where work is cunning, ruthlessness, and despises custom normal human being. They organized Wait, were and are com-dantami, supervisors and SS concentration camps and zag-Lada, organized

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