mafias and drug trafficking are major non-member pieki. Sometimes … a seemingly smooth and repulsive diplomats. “

It is interesting that the intelligence of psychopaths little inferior intelligence of ordinary people. The Wechsler test (for intelligence-tion) verbal scale is with them always higher than functional. There are so eloquent. No only the minds of the highest scale uzdol-distraction. Their world is forever divided into us and them.

A society in which power is exercised normal people, psychopaths condemns surrenders his rights and relegate to the margins of life, often criminal. They feel it painfully, I-ko blatant injustice. Therefore, as the bacteria are actively switched lurk in all social movements, especially those that already carry a pathological leaven, introduced by the personality charakteropatyczne or acting under the influence of such personality. Psychopaths are unique opportunities for themselves in revolutionary movements. Build a network of pathological tissues and are beginning to bend the sense-chen traffic to their needs. Involve people who have other mental deficits undermined the criticism, as well as the weak and average.

Ideology is indispensable for them armor. The more not-August in a positive content, the longer serves as the outer form, while the inner content of the movement takes longer mysterious illness. The real followers of the ideology is said to be treated as apostates and worst enemies, because also in Is-Toci are not.

Between discussed here złogennym social process and appropriated by the ideology takes a similar ratio as between mental illness and its accompanying system of delusions.

AH: What do you see remedies? What should be applied therapy to remove this strange disease?

MW: First of all, one should speak about prevention. Indeed, the creation of conditions to conduct unfettered-tion of research in this field needs to overcome this inertia of knowledge, which I mentioned at the beginning of our solution-speech. This is not an easy matter. In addition to the resistance of many specialists, which is a natural phenomenon, occurring in every field of knowledge as a reaction to fundamental concepts in developmental, should also exceed the common-sense attitude of the social - in favor of an objective attitude, difficult to accept-ing by many people.

It is also worth mentioning the allegations, which extends yourself fro-this been properly studied. It is said namely, that they seek to limit personal freedom, creating the possibility of pinning labels-ing people.

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