Such danger, of course, existing them. Suffice it to say that psychiatry in the Soviet Union was directed almost exclusively to combat political opposition. However, probably the most effective therapy against the social consequences of activities złogennych process will be the same in the future dissemination of knowledge in this field, GLO-Assumption during the upbringing and education of youth. Immunization this way people fascynatorskie influence złogenne can act as a healing antibiotic and disintegrate, break the social structures of evil.

Understanding of macroscopic phenomena of evil, which spread przestrzeniło on a great part of the globe, and actually harassing all present, as infects the rest - does not seem to be possible only in the concepts of common sense and using the natural language-General. Indeed, it is partly outside the range of applicability of these-it language, like the atom is beyond the reach of Euclidean geometry. This is also the secret of power and nieuleczalno-SCI Communist system, as well as the weaknesses of democracy, because democracy is based solely on the affirmation of the concepts contained in natural language.

Care for people who have been affected by złogennymi uby-gift shop psychiatric requires separate, extensive research. In any case, should be marked by care and - do not hesitate to say - love. It should be handled in such a manner as to eliminate the negative effects of their actions, and simultaneously avoid reprisals from moral indignation.

The authors of these studies we argue that the moral of both-sing not only does not lead to a causal przeciwsta-red evil, but contrary to the moralistic interpretation of the pathological manifestations, to emotional involvement, which raises the desire to punish and vengeful feelings, leading from turn to a new evil.

I would like to note that it is not possible causal, and thus effectively eliminating the social structures of evil, without you-raźnego separate ideology from hiding under the cover of the disease. If we want to understand the phenomenon in its historical-tions over the process, and then skillfully cause to oppose him - first you have to distinguish those of his two members.

Saying that any ideology is false or true you-tion so the simplification and it is from this point of view, wrongly AD. Attacking ideology only reinforces the disease process. Fighting ideology relates a similar effect as direct deziluzja imaginary images of the mentally ill: no La-hours rather exacerbates the disease process. Content ideology in this case is of secondary importance, as it is irrelevant ro-your illusion mentally ill, although people, and sometimes even doctors, on the basis of

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