Chapter 5


Meanders awareness

As it is with the knowledge and suffering? When we speak of consciousness raises the image of the ladder in which the cardinal happy-Eble are associated with successive stages of the development of life. Recently these cardinal levels sometimes called densities awareness. Inanimate matter is not density, it is aware of the status of “elementary”. Lowest first degree of concen-puppies are plants. Higher levels are suitably animals and people. Said that in this century part of the human species is to go to fourth density.

I only mention of the ladder, which are or may be in the range of human perception. I guess word ladder extends up and down, but does not always relate to what is commonly called life. Between the cardinal levels (densities), there are intermediate levels. Applicable to the general rule that sees only what is or is happening at the level of their own and at levels lower. Phenomena occurring at the higher levels, if at all seen them, are reduced to concepts relevant to your own level.

Take as an example a dog and his master. The dog understands his pa-on when it comes to food, hunting, or maybe even play hide and seek. The other hand, does not understand how you can easily read a book or listen to music when you run right next to the hare.

This may not be the best example, so let us consider the intermediate levels. A thief believes altruist for a fool, especially when he has the opportunity to steal, but not stolen. Unless the thief suspects him of stealing so skillfully made that the offender never gives up on her catch. Then you might even gain him respect.

Well overcoming these intermediate levels requires a lot of time and difficult experience, and suffering. An example of evil-Acts may suffer initiation, “promotion” to a higher level when, for example, that selfless altruist deliver him from the heavy misery and fear. I think that this aspect of the development of consciousness (more precisely - the development of self-awareness, as appro- actually developing subject material form which awareness is identified) sheds light on the role of suffering in general.

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