Unmistakable is the interpretation of the Gospel teaching: If someone strikes you on the cheek, turn to him the other also. If you take your coat, do not withhold him, and the garments (Luke 6/29, KJV). But Jesus overt and not the strongest voice against the hypocrisy of the then authorities dowskich life. It, therefore, is not to be download to a lower level of self-awareness and fight weapons imposed by the enemy, for the love of neighbor is not available. Mow-corso in Poland, as already mentioned, during the communist-total power applied the teachings of Jesus without getting drawn into doses of playing on the political and working with senior samoświadomo-SCI, unavailable for the then government. Similarly efficiently without the use of violence, Gandhi acted. Whereas Stalin instead ironically asking: How many divisions does the Pope have the army. It turned out that “pretty much”.

Meanders life

It is said that the Creator is generous to his work. Man gave personality, imagination, will, smooth body, because-through the wealth of feelings and emotions, intelligence, resources of the planet and God knows what else. “Skimped” but the truth, knowledge. Ordered to acquire this treasure for yourself. Apparently this is His plan for creation. Indeed, Jesus said: … you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free (John 8/32, KJV).

Consider therefore the human person. The physical body, such as the psyche and mind are genetically oriented to survive-not. The body instinctively avoids risks. Psyche reacts similarity a drum, fighting or fleeing. Only the mind, wielding mind and will, behaves somewhat differently. But in this case, due to over-ordinate the protection of “I”, the ego. At our level of development thinking-tion mainly speak the language. And that is the language used by the brain to protect the ego.

Words, especially nouns abstract on internal experiences, formed to mask binary-polarization terms, and thus facilitate the rationalization of mental un-ethical, selfish conduct.

Where have written about the concept of bipolarity, which at-ordinal word “justice”. Positive pole is marked by trust, generosity and forgiveness, and the pole ne-gatywny - revenge, punishment, revenge and envy. Those two run-nom, however, has not been given separate operative word, because the average man would hold life. They are his needs-ne. Similarly, the concept of “love.” There are no words differ-

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