smokers sacrificial love, uniting - from selfish love, which easily turns into hatred.

This duality is usually unaware of concepts, hidden by the language creates a “space” in which knowledge is acquired about the so-current. Would seem that there is nothing special and that people “spontaneously” should become better and better. Yet it seems that, apart from the Spirit of the living melted matter how noble metal from the ore in a blast furnace. The fuel is suffering suffering. It is supported by a small percentage of people-affected certain mental deviations. They are not capable than away from these negative poles. They wyreduko-tion resonance higher feelings and suggestive impact on others. When this is not enough - we are “dosmucani” wars and natural disasters.

Operation of these złogennych mental deviation noticed-range in Poland. Manifest on the background of the current situation, when after the fall of the communist regime inhuman rampant corruption-tion, and in general is much reason to complain.

For example, Waldemar Lysiak during the last two de-hull issued dozens of publications. In recent years, there are means for professional, deluxe editions of his works. The author refers to them on numerous historical events and the day-hours culture and art (mostly by their respective specific-tion). The content of this writing prevails a general criticism of lice-stkiego. The author brings to his level everything it PRZE-rasta. Sometimes it puts a person worthy of the highest respect among people nieszanowanych (old propaganda trick UB). He writes:

Polish Catholic Church will survive … (different for him) attacks are in fact “only” external threats. Much more serious is the “fifth column” in the Vistula Building of God - a strong faction dy-wersantów (”liberals” aka “reformers”) among the princes of a church LA, torpedoing the hierarchy of patriotic and having a great sound-system-not media. All these Tichnery and talking Pieronek languages ​​quite Masons and libertines … (”A Century of liars” on page 215).

They placed a number of allegations of embezzlement of international financial assistance - targeted, among others. to such celebrities as Bu-like, Kuroń or Janas. (Ibid p 230 while I have not seen mention of embezzlement by a person subject to Fr Rydzyk, pie-niędzy originating from the collection to rescue the Gdansk Shipyard. MW).

Some may say: but Chopin and Wojtyla (and even Walesa) are known to the whole world! Yes, but it is very doubtful whether Chopin would gain worldwide publicity, if he was not a child of the French blood and French culture, John Paul II hates much larger part of humanity (Jews, Muslims, Hindus,

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