pursuing Christians (aside from the parable of the prodigal son, who, after his photo’s return, the Father has loved most of all, because just like him to set up this earthly school of life).

Otherwise rolled the fate of Lech Walesa. It’s no wonder he lost hope in the early 70’s, when the machinery of the political police broke bones people. Maybe a little too believed in the possibility of improving the system. After all, such as the return to power of Wladyslaw Gomulka, many people believe in it-lo. I remember the front of the Palace of Culture hundred thousand Poles, with tears of rapture sang Gomulka “one hundred years”. Later Gierek also was answered: “help”. I suppose if it was not the attitude of the then Walesa - could therefore not reach the later-it success. Advance would be eliminated. Then the authorities was already too late. Only unsuccessfully counted on the possibility of manipulating it.

Walesa pushed himself and achieved success on a global scale. You-had unparalleled political intuition protecting the nation against pro-government provocation aimed to bloody confrontation. I believe that at that time only he could have done (eg putting out strikes). Solidarity activists, with a leading share of Lech Walesa, organic nizując Roundtable understand that the condition for success is people-sharing beguiled ideology of psychopaths and other psychotics. It was not easy, but it turned out to be effective.

Walesa later may not fully explained its earlier stance. This facilitated the attack on him by some zaślepio-tion and envious political opponents. It is a great post-pregnancy historic, gifted with charisma national spirit of the robot-like color diagram. He played an important role in the process of-Balení communism.

Another issue is the tactics of political action. For example, today the undisputed authority in the history of Polish, Jozef Pilsudski, was accused of collaboration with the Austrian history. Later belonged to the socialist ideology proclaiming similar to co-munistycznej. Finally, after the victory, reliably stated that “drove a red tram station only to Independence-residue”.

Catholic Church accused the Council II, he changed his attitude to the Soviets, that condemns them less than Sobo-rem. But the point was that the Church began to better-GAC noticed in people Self, Spark of God, and not just ideological blindness.

I would now, in a sense, changing the subject, re-chęcić for people who do not have the opportunity to see the works of Ru-Dolf Steiner to read the Chronicle of Akasa. This genial-ny autsriacki clairvoyant, active and versatile civil activist manual, shows the process of creation and development of life in the universe. He says how the Spirit shapes the matter. As

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