building and thereby avoid disfigurement of the Metropolis. How do you-ordered time, the tower stands a disfigurement was not.

Another time satisfied the journalist was notified … just police detained fraudster who claims he will soon appear invention allows conversation over great distances, even between cities. It is good because we know that this is impossible. You should not fool people for nonsense-I. In contrast, the English group of scientists seriously pondering why the wind was blowing the water in the bathroom spłóczce spins to the left. It has been conjectured that has something to do with left-hand traffic. But I was asked: which way the water swirls in the southern hemisphere?

And another significant case, which is already happening gdziein-mentioned and for which I get hit by a big thrashing. The world of science says that the speed of light is constant. Not immune from this even Waldemar Witkowski (and maybe he is right?). According to him, there is only the variable “time flow rate”, mainly in the “vertical aspect.” Especially great are the differences in the speed of the flow of time between micro, macro (ours) and mega world.

With a constant speed of light logically result staggeringly heavy size-distances between different objects in space. Therefore I ask: why do people wear glasses? I answer: because the speed of light in glass is less than in the air, thanks to the light-he can be focused or diffused by the lens. Of course, talking about the constant speed of light in a vacuum, but what is a vacuum, if it does exist? In this alleged vacuum manifests itself after gravity, act so monstrously huge strength. Anyway matter, like light, has the nature of field and wave. Understood in this way can lead to fantastic appli-cation, as already mentioned somewhere that a possible trip to the stars may prove to be a journey into the depths of matter (and perhaps to other dimensions’).

In the July (2006) issue of the monthly Unknown World I read a shocking article physician Christopher Chudziń State of wandering astray on which psychiatry. The early use of electroshock and surgical operations, result-ing from the lack of distinction between the brain and the mind, caused tremendous suffering of patients, without the other effects than the suppression of their mental activity. The current pharmacological therapies sometimes yield similar results. I remember the loud case the father of Polish psychiatry professor. Tadeusz Bilikiewicz that “le-cleans” homosexuals denying their sense of sex. Obviously, maintaining objectivity, not to be missed humanistic psychiatry (Karen Horney, Anthony Kepinski, Oak-rowski Kazimierz Kazimierz Jankowski and many others), which with some difficulty making its way.

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