Another similar issue was the discovery of a German medical-practice I. Semmelweis in the field of bacteriology, which naka-zywał maintaining strict hygiene at childbirth to prevent childbed fever. He postponowany and ridiculed by contemporary luminaries of medical knowledge. Only inserted wiennictwo B. Pascal, enjoying a common authority, changed this state of affairs.

The unfortunate proximity fear and hilarity

Let’s move on to issues more related to their daily lives. He told me once my friend living in hilly kowatym Wałbrzych how great hilarity bus passengers aroused the late man who clutching a cup of coffee desperately chased stop leaving their auto-bus. Gaiety, however, immediately creatures shattered when one of the passengers called out after this our driver!

I want to note that fear and gaiety to eliminate each other, they can not exist together in the foreground samoświado-estate man. Therefore, in many social systems so power-anecdote is not prosecuted and political satire. Zooms because fear, which is an indispensable instrument of power, the authority does not have sufficient authority and coercion builds its “authors-tet”, sometimes in the form of a cult of personality.

I remember anecdotal, but equally true message. Well, Gazeta Wyborcza from 23rd June 2006 announced: After 15 months of painstaking investigation, the Warsaw prosecutor’s office finds that, at a weekly reporters “cross” guilty of insulting a public official with the words “d”. Are brought to trial for being in the title text Dilapidated prosecutor used the word “dilapidated.” There would be nothing offensive, because the prosecutor may have problems, such as eco-nomic nature. Prosecutor poradziłaby not think without the help of a linguist Dr R . Pawelec from the Faculty of Warsaw University, who drew at-attention to the fact that the letters in the word dilapidated that make up the solar water “mean”, shaded by every word to “d” has emerged in all its glory and dignity.

In ancient years, when George W. Bush was still pow-szechnie popular journalist and columnist, described sometimes funny events of the quarrel court. Now a lecturer, living in a common block, teased his neighbors stood nominal lifetime and conceit. He felt deeply offended when one of the neighbors called her nowonabytego dog-boxer

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