named Docent. It was unbearable, so I challenged the offender to be-large. The court, however, did not find anything offensive.

Another time, two rural women, returning with a rake of the la, heartily posprzeczały. There has been maneuvers, wherein one pair of them lost teeth. The case went to court. It turned out that when the victim ran pretty strong words in the opposi-coma - turned her back, deeply bent down and picked up the bottom-condenser, revealing a secret part of the body, while watching between your knees, what effect this has on the participant in the argument. This, however, unable to bear the insults manifested, prodded her rake handle. But hit the target and inadvertently struck two upper incisors.

Life itself, though unfortunately sometimes just manifests itself also in the social scale. Recently, for example, President Lech Kaczynski could not stand it referred to the satire comparing-exceeding it to the potato, which appeared on the satirical in małonakładowej, a private newspaper neighboring country. He considered it a personal insult and taken over this event has neglected certain-ing important matter of state. As you can see, he and his entourage do not understand the processes of globalization in the world and use the old model of political thinking, leading to the division. I do not know at this what is the role of satire and believe that Pa-ństwo, as in a totalitarian regime, should control in-ll critical statements of the media. Confuse patriotism with nationalism-Semitism, which I think will go away into oblivion. And so what if it’s about the president? Infantilism can affect anyone. Since, however, passed through the “sieve election” - it has already become a s-right voters. They have what you want or what influences succumbed during the election and, perhaps, still are. Or not at all loud-sowali.

I also remember as a pole vaulter Wladyslaw Kozakiewicz was accused in the Soviet press of insulting the nation when on-limpiadzie in Moscow after winning jump, made famous gesture of hands in response to the depressing whistling audience during its run to jump.

Oh, one more thing (again something I add). Once, when President Ronald Reagan spoke publicly, in the presence of żo-tion and various officials, wife of President carelessly moved and almost fell out of his chair. Steadied her standing near the “go-aryl.” In this Reagan, including the microphone:

- But we have agreed that you will fall out of the chair until wte-dy, if I start talking nonsense.

I heard the answer:

- That’s true, but then you could not be with me this at-stojnego

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