gentleman who supported me.

Maybe it was staged, but it certainly can not be-would happen to any Soviet leader or another totalitarian dictator.


I remember when my own adventures during the war by the Soviet Union, Russia went to school at the Vilnius szczyźnie in Dzisna hometown. One day at school a big brawl broke out, combined with arduous investigation. Namely, in the school bathroom, where the toilet paper was used as a cut in pieces, newspapers, someone, perhaps inadvertently, has left a piece of paper with the image of Stalin. This was absolutely unacceptable. Then, in all classes, special classes, he was instructed to bestow this honor you have a brilliant leader of mankind. Also in the letter were not allowed to share his name, moving to the next line.

As part of the indoctrination of youth in various extracurricular hours, classes were held in “groups” of studying biographies of Soviet geniuses: Lenin, Stalin, Miczurina, et al. Separated me at the “group” to study CV biologist Olga better-szyńskiej that the the world’s first artificially produced a living cell from non-living matter. This was the hullabaloo over the world.

One day a “group” that suddenly resolved. Her guardian, teacher of gymnastics, did not give reasons for solu-tions, and forbade the students to talk about it. Out of curiosity I looked into-lem to the school a copy of the Soviet encyclopedia and the ZDU-property stated that the password Olga Lepieszyńska biologist (next to another password Olga Lepieszyńska, ballerina) is in the sealed paper. When asked about this former tutor - not just ober-shaft on the back with a whip, with which he never parted, but able to hear-rage a lot of sharp and very unflattering words about me ( and not about Olga Lepieszyńskiej).

Later I learned that scientists in the West, hoping to repeat this experiment found that the researcher is not crime-rzegała necessary conditions of sterility. So it was a great embarrassment Soviet propaganda.

Thus, the already experienced what is commonly uses the on-brainwashing. But do not think that happens something similar, although in a different form, in our present reality. For example, to encourage the customer to buy, us-Tawi is the price of a product at the level of 9.99 zł (not if-they would like to be honest in the calculation: 10 zł

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