minus one penny). After all, it is simply a mockery of the client (or maybe just a joke?). And yet, rather than discourage insulted customer - rather successfully encouraged him in this way to purchase. Similarly, advertising is working. Instead reliably informed - mostly lying. So we are being manipulated. Statistics shows that probably did indeed deserve it.

Elections in Poland 2007

After returning from a long trip immediately looked to the Inter-net, and here in Polish politics is narobiło. Oh, how narobiło. But I will not pretend that previously did not know what was going on. In any case, I said to myself:

  • I will vote, and it is for me in this matter, the matter is-evant,

  • I will vote for the PO and it is not an important issue, but it certainly did not vote for PiS.

Someone may ask: What ago Marian crazy? Apparently the ezo-teryk and paprze politics. And here I refer to my Self Affirmation: I see lots of others. I’m glad their successes. Poma-ranges if necessary and if you can, but do not infringe their will (unless you make the obvious harm - to highlight today, MW). Memory-tajmy that for some time we live in matter, where life is based on the food chain. And there will not be indifferent to what co-him who, etc.

Recall that the PiS, two years earlier, as a result of low voter turnout rose to power thanks to 12 percent of people eligible to vote, including the prominent this support five listeners of Radio Maria. They did not want to share power with the Civic Platform because you could not completely control the so-called. ministries of force necessary for the achievement of authoritative power. His program was based on a populist dark important pole of the word “justice.” To achieve a predominant density in parliament concluded a coalition of people with the mentality of a criminal or chauvinistic. Under these conditions, the mid-term, third-ba was “bankrupt” and announce early elections to the parliament.

I think people questioning this view may reflect where they get their information from sources apart from circles close to Radio Maria? Do you confront them with the-glądami people with such enlightened minds as Jeziorański Bartoszewski, Brzezinski is also our Pope or

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