some other hie-rarchowie Church (such as Cardinal. Stanislaw Dziwisz), the peo-ple Kaczynski likes or not Rydzyk dare to attack?

No saddens me that someone is not going to elections. There is no compulsion, everyone has free will and act according to it. In contrast, the seems a little puzzling when the time this decision is accompanied by a certain haughtiness. It reminds me of the attitude of certain vegetarians who feel their superiority in relation to others.

Now, again I repeat something changes await us in the light of the WingMakers transfers. Achieving the Grand Portal should be preceded by a global union of people based on me-residue neighbor. Otherwise it will be possible to include the civil czności extraterrestrial. It must therefore be limited motivation egotistical both political authorities and the church. I think that religious rebellion Betanek in Kazimierz Dolny, not coincidentally coincided with the elections to the parliament. Revelation will suffer-ing the superior sisters Betanek have classified Mow-corso to the so-called. private revelations because they do not meet one of the key conditions: absolute obedience to church authorities.

Then here comes the word “detuning” of the Hierarchy. When-I assume that they are no longer trace the manifestations of the unconscious (for now) trend, leading to future esoteric unification of churches. Contrast, exoteric nature of churches “feels” the upcoming reducing their power and less or more clearly expresses this. If a part of the Polish Episcopate did not show up certain trends conservative, tolerant political activity Father Rydzyk - it would not be inclusions-torque to Radio Maria to politics, there was no policy bra-cutting Kaczyńscy and their ilk, or this whole political mess and harm social (health, teachers, retirees and others).

I suppose, however, that this is not the whole truth about the current political situation in Poland. Previous government also was not good. These are imperfect democratic system in general. But there is one important feature of democracy. While the totalitarian system can not be reformed - that democracy can de-velop and improve. It’s about getting stronger adherence to the menial role of government, as is already the case in other countries. For example, in Sweden, moves away from power even for minor PRZE-to blame, as the illegal employment of domestic help. This also applies to members of the government. I recall a humorous note in the press that an English policeman punished himself manda-tem for any traffic offense. In addition to a joke I see here the effect of the implanted system of values. However, in the case of elections - even minor election should lie disqua-fikować candidate.

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