Perhaps one day this would happen. In any case, I think that you should not dispose of the rights giving them a walkover, because these road-bne laws, which have each voter, it is easy to lose.

I recall the wise words of my teacher of pre-war Primary School (this is then called Fundamental School-wa):

Remember, if someone is honest and honest in small matters, in matters large may or may not be honest. However, if it is dishonest in small matters it is almost certain that in matters of great will not be-honest.

How easily translate this into social affairs. For example, in Warsaw is (or was) a well-stocked hotel Deputies for Members of commuters from the provinces. There were, however, cases that was empty because of the use by Members, at the expense of the State in much more expensive luxury hotels. There are also cases of abuse of immunity or blatant arrogance on the part of those in power. Well, such a minor matter, as previously mentioned, could be rigorously evaluated - with the deprivation of his function at least for a long time. Testify because of reversion ethical treatment involving the bestowal of social choice as “the anointing” only to rule, not to serve.

Capital punishment

In October 2004, I watched a program on TV Polonia, nada-ing the anniversary of the death of Father Jerzy Popieluszko. The pro-gram that was a lot of memories of people who personally know spends accounting, as well as cooperating with him. She considered me denunciation of a woman who was a witness to criticize a priest for the fact that in his sermons condemning the evil does not mention the names of spe-cific people. Hearing this the priest for a long time hid his face with his hands, and then said: But you do not understand. I fight evil, not from his victims.

I was shocked by the accuracy of this statement. After all the evil and suffering is caused by the human manifestation of ignorance about himself and others, supported egotycznymi desires. His victims are also those who inflict suffering. Understanding this is not a patch-in, it requires a lot of time and experience, and above all after-dying in a certain emotional resonance, lean-tion to retaliation and revenge.

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