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16 inch Patio Stone

16 inch Patio Stone 16" x 16" x 2" Patio Stone comes 60 Pieces to a pallet, and each pallet will cover 107 Square Feet (1.78 Sq Ft/Stone). Each Patio Stone Weighs approximately 40 lbs. Shown below are stock colors click here for Additional Colors. With Carroll''s Building Materials, purchasing less than pallet quantities is no problem.

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We have four types of native Oklahoma rock and stone in five beautiful colors, as well as competitive pricing . So, if you''re thinking of building a new home, patio or retaining wall call or come by Stigler Stone, we''ll be happy to hear from you. We also have our own trucks and can provide reliable delivery of all products that we have to offer.

How to Build a Paver Patio (with Pictures)

 · To build a paver patio, dig out the area to a depth of 6 inches, with a shovel, taking care to create a slope of 1 inch every 4 feet to allow water to run off. Then, flatten out the soil and cover the area with 2 to 3 inches of gravel. Cover the gravel with 1 to 2 …

How to Install Patio Pavers

Knowing how to install patio pavers is a great way to transform your exterior spaces. An outdoor space made with patio pavers can withstand heavy foot traffic and needs little maintenance. You can choose stone, travertine, brick or concrete pavers for your patio…

18 DIY Patio and Pathway Ideas

A long-lasting patio is a lot like a smooth paint job—it''s all about the prep work. Rush to put pavers down on a faulty base, and it might take only a few seasons for the stones to shift and become a tripping hazard. 18 DIY Patio Ideas and Pathway Improvement Projects 1. Build a Fire Pit Patio …

Paving stones: DIY a paver patio in 6 easy steps

 · Paving stone materials. The first phase of your project is to decide the look and feel of the stone you''d like to use. Paving stones come in three main material types: natural stone, concrete and ...

How To Build A Patio On A Slope | Captain Patio

Stone, however, has been tested throughout the ages and seems to never go out of style. If you''re looking to create a timeless patio, stonework will keep looking good and provide a reliable retaining wall for decades to come. You may be wondering which materials you should avoid when building a …

How to Install a Natural Stone Patio

Here are the steps to installing your own stone patio.If you are going to tackle this project as a do it yourself job, be prepared, this is a very labor inte...

35 Stone Patio Ideas (Pictures)

This backyard stone patio goes well into the woods, being a small distance away from the house and completely covered by a thin canopy of trees. Built into a dugout of the slope, the patio is lined with large stone blocks in a circular bench layout, with a central fire pit in the same stone finish but in smaller cuts.

How To Build a Stone and Brick Patio for Your Backyard

 · Building a brick and stone patio like ours doesn''t take special skills. The casual, free-form design allows you to relax and be creative rather than worrying about precise cutting and fitting.

Installing Patio Stones – 5 Easy Steps – Shaw Brick

Lay 1 to 2 rows of Patio Stones. Check the grade with a level to ensure proper drainage. Continue laying Patio Stones in the desired pattern. If you need any additional help with this Patio Stone installation, or wish discuss the best product for this project, please …

Patio stone Pavers & Stepping Stones at Lowes

Oldcastle 24-in L x 24-in W x 2-in H Patio Stone. it has a rating of 4.7 with 54 reviews. Oldcastle 24-in L x 24-in W x 2-in H Patio Stone. Oldcastle 24-in L x 24-in W x 2-in H Patio Stone. item number 9. Rubberific Rubberific dual-sided paver 16-in L x 16-in W …

Build a Slate Patio in 5 Steps | DoItYourself

 · A slate patio offers your home a beautiful place to enjoy the day. These steps will show you how to build a cost-effective slate patio using square slate and no mortar. Step 1 - Location Preparation. Select an area in your backyard that is relatively flat. Clear away debris, weeds, and rocks.

Building A Concrete Patio

Place 4 to 6 in. of crushed stone or gravel over the entire patio area, and use a rake to level and smooth it. The more gravel under the slab, the more it will be protected from ground movement and water. Spaces within the gravel allow groundwater to infill and expand in freezing weather, reducing the buildup of hydrostatic pressure beneath the ...

20+ Best Stone Patio Ideas for Your Backyard

Stone Patio Ideas – Summer is here once and for all, so you may try to imagine what new methods can you use in order to make your outdoor space more interesting. Usually, the stone patio ideas can come into play here as they can easily replace wooden decks. Let''s face it, a stone patio is a lot more interesting and appealing, it makes your backyard area more rewarding and interesting.


 · Building patio using natural stone and mortar. Ask Question Asked 2 months ago. Active 2 months ago. Viewed 50 times 0 I have a new house and there are rocks all over the place here. The sizes of these rocks range from 3x3x3 inches to 2x2x2 feet, all coming in irregular shapes. I have an area roughly 10x30 feet and I want to use these rocks to ...


Patio Stone Collection offers a stylish way to decorate your yard or garden space. These stepping stones come in a variety of shapes and colors. Enhance your space with our Patio Stone Collection! Find a Dealer. Request a Sample. ... Swansea Building Products Corp. 494 N 33rd St.

How to Build An Outdoor Fireplace Step-by-Step Guide

The concrete also needs steel reinforcement. Be sure to build it properly according to local codes. You will want a minimum 4" thick -up to 8" thick reinforced concrete pad. If you are building on a pre-existing concrete pad, or one much larger than your fireplace footprint, be sure to form or cut expansion joints around the fireplace.

How to Build a Patio

 · Building a Patio -EASY?!? Yes- we show you how to build a Cut-less (YES NO CUTS!!) paver patio. How to Prepare the foundation soils, the base soils and th...

How to Lay a Stone Patio

 · How To: Lay a Dry Stone Patio Even an intermediate do-it-yourselfer can build a stone patio, unmistakable in look and destined to last for many years.

How to Build a Raised Patio with Retaining Wall Blocks

Building a raised patio is easy and can add more usable living space and lasting value to your landscape Place the blocks on the base material near the front of the trench Fill the hollow cores and 12 in. (300 mm) behind the block with wall rock up to the height of the block

How to Build a Flagstone Patio – Lang Stone

Remember: your stone is only as strong as the base below it. Using plastic edging, form the patio by placing the edging along the perimeter and the string line. Drive stakes every 1-2'' to secure them in place. If your patio has irregular or curved edges, use a heavy vinyl or steel edging available at Lang Stone.

How to Build a Raised Stone Patio

 · How to Build a Raised Stone Patio. November 7, 2020. A patio is usually the central focus of most gardens. It''s the place where the house meets the grass, where most people prefer to sit and make memories, relaxing in the comfort of a rocking chair or dishing out food at a barbeque, with all the family gathered around a patio set. ...

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Stigler Stone Owner Rick Bumpers 918-967-3316: General Sales Manager Pam Smith 918-967-3316: General Superintendent James Ford 918-799-5512 ...

Building a Paver Patio | how-tos | DIY

When considering where to build a patio, choose a flat, level area. Then have your local utility company come out and make sure the area is free of underground utilities. Next measure the area, so you can order the right amount of materials. Our area is 11'' x 11'' square. Once you have the materials, do a dry layout of your design (image 1).

How to Build a Small Backyard Patio

 · Large stones positioned correctly create extra seating in a bench style. This patio is small but still provides enough space for a table and several chairs. The centre is an interlocking brick-in-square style with some flagstone at the outer edges to round it off. This creates interest and blends the patio with the stone bench.

How Much Should a Patio Slope Away From House?

The correct patio slope will help keep water from sitting on it or backing against your house. Patios within 10 feet of a foundation must have a 1/4" per foot or 2% fall away from the building. The 2% fall or slope is required for hardscape surfaces such as pavers, wood, concrete, gravel, or other materials.

How to Build a Patio and Fire Pit with Easy Instructions ...

How to Build a Patio by adding Crushed Stone and Coarse Sand. After digging out the soil, you will now need to put about 5 inches of crushed stone into the newly dug hole. Spread out the crushed stone with a steel rake to even it out. Placing crushed stone to the patio area.

How To Build a Bluestone Patio | Stone Patio Step-by-Step ...

 · However you plan on using a patio, you need to choose the right material to build it. Concrete is durable and long-lasting, and brick is attractive, but the best option we''ve found is bluestone.

75 Beautiful Stone Patio Pictures & Ideas | Houzz

Whether you want inspiration for planning a stone patio renovation or are building a designer patio from scratch, Houzz has 43,732 images from the best designers, decorators, and architects in the country, including Alexis Courtney Photography and Luxapatio. Look through patio pictures in different colors and styles and when you find a stone ...